Review headphones Shozy Hibiki SE — development ideas


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Review headphones Shozy Hibiki SE — development ideas

As usual, Shozy doing unusual things to them that I had once overlooked, is no exception: the low price and unusual sound made the fruit of cooperation Shozy and AAW a very interesting solution. The developers decided not to relax and made «special version» model.

This review should probably start by saying that I was wrong. When I did the review of the Shozy Hibiki, I assumed their sound, regardless of quality, will not be particularly popular simply because it is not mass tuning. Apparently, the demand for natural midrange I underestimated, and Hibiki managed to gain popularity. Their special version created Shozy offers improvements on two fronts. First is design: stylish faceplate, a slightly different body — all of that love audiophiles. Secondly, of course, sound. Shozy made a special inner chamber resonator, which allowed the SE to sound with a similar flow, but «a step better». The price tag, however, crept up and is now $ 130 at the time of the review. But does it ever stop suffering for good sound?



  • Beam: 10 mm dynamic biocellular membrane
  • the
  • frequency Range: 20 Hz – 40 kHz
  • the
  • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
  • the
  • Impedance: 18Ω @ 1 kHz
  • the
  • Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.5%
  • the
  • Cable: replacement, Ethos Black copper high purity headset
  • the
  • Connectors: 2-pin, 0.78 mm
  • the
  • Plug: 3.5 mm TRRS

Packing and delivery

The Box was much larger, apparently, in Asia, the principle: primulina the product, the more trees must die to produce it. However, the content reflected a little, inside are still the earphones themselves, 3 pairs of interchangeable nozzles of different size, the velvet pouch puffs and different instructions with garantiyschikami.

In General, if for the usual modifications that can be considered the norm, «special version» you could at least nozzles sypanut just to create the appearance of «the riches».


Design and usability

After the first glance on the headphones claim to the package disappear by themselves. Of course, the first Hibiki looked impressive, but SE is doing a big step in the direction of «top» models. The housings have the same form, but their plastic is now translucent, and external panels are made of very impressive painted wood. In General, the beauty in all fields. Build quality — normal, however, to glue the plastic part of the case of super-technology is not required.

Headphones are a bit bulky, so owners of small ears they may not sit as it should, but the average size of the ear problems should not be. As sharp corners and projections do not exist, «Hibiki» provide a comfortable wearing even for a long time and sound slightly better than average.

Headphones feature a removable cord, the connection uses 2-pin connectors with recessed sockets. Package included very high quality cable from AAW, made of copper of high cleaning. It is soft, almost not harden in the cold and little inclined to tangling. The cable has three-button headset with a very high quality MEMS microphone, so in theory the headphone can be used with smartphones, but on the practical side, I will write a little lower.



To listen To the following equipment was used.

  • and the role of the DAC and amplifier
  • the
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • the
  • the role player
  • the
  • , and the other in the role of portable players
  • the
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones was heated for 60 hours, the change in sound was observed the first 10 hours.

Shozy would not be itself if has released headphones with «mainstream» tuning. If the regular version Hibiki had an emphasis on midrange and tweeters, who sometimes sound too lightweight, in a special edition of the tuning slightly shifted lower, so the emphasis falls on the midrange.

There is a very good bass depth, speed and density — in General for all quality characteristics. There is here and decent textures, and excellent separation of instruments of the lower registers. But quantitatively, there is less bass than accepted in modern headphones. Can't say that the bass here are small, enough natural for wagering instruments, but accented «bottom» the model is not exactly suitable.

Midrange here, too, good, neutral, emotional, very natural and no inclination to extremes. They have high detail, but not hard to stick out the dirt from the flaws in the recording. Midrange perfectly capture the emotions, emphasizing them a bit, but first they need the tracks in which these emotions are. An imaginary scene more average in width and in depth, with a very believable split.

RF there have been reconfigured, so «the top» turned out less aggressive than in the regular version. While HF characterized by good length and quality transfer attacks and attenuation. In combination with «comfort» feed, we get an interesting result: the styles, where you need aggression, headphones sound softer than I would like, but on the complex, multifaceted music with live instruments RF do not cause problems.

Compare this time I will not paint, as is often the case at Shozy, modeldid not like anything else, so to write all the time: «quite different in sound models» — not a lot of sense.



In principle, headphone can be listening telephone, good the headset is on the wire it allows, and the sound this combination will be fine if the smartphone is not quite so «bottom» in terms of audio. But still, for a full «disclosure» headphones they are very desirable source of at least medium initial segment or slightly better. You can choose to taste, Hibiki SE very nice respond to sound features players and DACs, often emphasizing their strengths.

Stylistically, the headphones are best suited for vocal music, tracks with live instruments, classical, jazz. They serve a very advantageous tracks with well written by an imaginary scene. The quality of the recording they are moderately critical where on 7 points out of 10.

traditionally, some tracks for example

Here if to make on the farm Superbike, and the like, complex and multifaceted nu-jazz. The unique combination of naturalness and emphasis on midrange headphones make the best choice for such material.

the Melody from the «many have heard, but the name I know not all». Great jazz-rock team makes music perfectly suited to the character of the heroes of today's review, especially the same benefits from them flow the rhythm section.

and, perhaps, will not be original and choose to track, as well any manner of headphones. One of the most famous songs popular of musician emphasizes the detail and naturalness Hibiki SE, allowing them to perfectly convey all the nuances of the game Eric.



Of Course, the model has lost its trump card — belonging to the budget segment, combined with a very expensive sound, but improved design and grown-up «» largely worth it. However, according to rumors, the Shozy is preparing once again to surprise everyone.

Buy Shozy Hibiki SE



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