Magic Leap revealed a virtual AI assistant in augmented reality


2018-10-12 19:15:08




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Magic Leap revealed a virtual AI assistant in augmented reality

The Company Magic Leap is known as the first, released to a mass audience headset augmented reality. It happened in August of this year. And, although the gadget and got very mixed reviews, the developers even don't plan to stop. For example, the other day they presented a very interesting virtual assistant based on AI — a girl named Mica. And also told about plans for development of the project.

Currently, Mica — just a prototype, demo. Therefore, it is not yet able to talk. The question of the speech assistant, the developers promise to solve in the future and will definitely show how much they have progressed in this matter. Now they are focused on creating realistic images and emotions. Some lucky ones even managed to "communicate" with Mika in person. One of them was the correspondent of the publication Venturebeat's Dean Takahashi, who shared details.

"I put on Magic Leap on his head and saw virtual objects, imposed on things from the real world. It was quite impressive and I thought — this is the best that can offer Magic Leap. But then I went into the next room and saw korotkometrazhnuyu a girl named Mika. She sat at the table, and I sat in the chair opposite. Mika smiled and looked at me. I was struck by how realistic her image. I lifted her head and looked her in the eye. She did the same. I turned my head back, she too turned her head back. She mimicked some of my movements."

In recognition of the leaders of Magic Leap, Mica — only a part of a global project to create not only AI assistant, but also the virtual avatars for communication and for a variety of functions. Mica as future avatars, developed on Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. The chat rooms for avatars users Magic Leap plans to implement this year.

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