Faith in the victory increases the amount of testosterone and attracted to the opposite sex


2018-08-09 16:45:06




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Everyone knows the popular expression that says that belief in success — is already 50% of success. But what if these words have something more than self-hypnosis? This is what decided to check out the experts from the University of Cambridge and it turned out that the confidence really improves some indicators.

According to an article published in the journal Human Nature, the study involved 38 men aged 20 years. They all competed in rowing on special simulators. Each "race" was represented by a competition of two people together. In this case, none of the participants did not use drugs and other stimulants endocrine activities. But the interesting thing is that the winner was announced, scientists, choosing it randomly Nazira to produce real results.

the Level of testosterone, and the answers of the test before and after exercise

In Addition, before and after the "swim" scientists measured testosterone levels and were given to fill out a questionnaire to evaluate their attractiveness in the eyes of women and willingness to engage in casual sexual relationship. Of course, a pair of competing purchaseavalide and those who won more often (even if it was not) eventually began to believe in themselves and show the best results. In addition, the level of testosterone these men were increased on average by 4.92 %, while those who obviously thought about the defeat, the hormone level decreased by 7.24%. Also, "winners for life" raised the rating of their own attractiveness in the eyes of women after each win. As stated by the study's author, Dr. Danny Longman,

"This work proves that testosterone can change depending on the situation to the psychological aspect, which, in turn, causes adjustment of self and behavior, and the desire to begin your search for a partner. This study currently applies only to physical force, but it would be interesting to know how changes in hormonal status, for example, intellectual games."


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