Japanese scientists have grown a pancreas of the mouse in the body of rats


2017-01-26 22:15:03




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Japanese scientists have grown a pancreas of the mouse in the body of rats

The Cultivation of living artificial organs — really a difficult task. If some 5-10 years ago it seemed almost impossible, but today science has made significant progress in this direction, and to grow new body looks a fantastic task. But a group of scientists from Tokyo went further, and he was the first in the world to grow on one organism in the body of beings of another species.

As reported by NHK News, researchers from the University of Tokyo was virtually impossible: the world's first to implement inter-specific farming fully functioning body. For the successful conduct of the experiment, the researchers used the stem cells of mice. These cells were transplanted to rats in their native pancreas. Under the influence of local factors and particular drugs (the names of which for obvious reasons are still kept secret), in the body of rats began to form a new pancreas. After the period of full maturation, the gland was transplanted mouse, and the survey revealed that the body is functioning absolutely fine, like «all the time there was».

A Significant success in this area is difficult to overestimate: the fact that thanks to a successful experiment are prerequisites for growing in animals the human organs for further transplantation. Tokyo-researchers in the next stage of their experiments plan to grow the organs of a monkey in a pig's body. It is also the fact that Japanese law allows to carry out experiments using human stem cells in animals, unlike some other countries, so it is possible, that the Japanese first would make significant progress in this area.

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