How to set unlimited VPN for $ 1


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How to set unlimited VPN for $ 1

VPN Services in Russia have become markedly more popular over the last couple of years. No wonder, because it's a great way to go to the sites, access to which for some reason is closed for Russian users (for example, set up Spotify). Now to connect to unlimited VPN you can one-click the service .

To begin with we shall understand what is meant by VPN. Virtual Private Network — is the technology used to protect Internet connection which works on the principle of a kind of intermediary between You and the world wide web by providing IP address, thus masking the real location of the user.

Ways to install VPN on the same iPhone or iPad quite a lot, but today we will discuss one of the simplest and most common — the installation of a special . One of these programs — GuruVPN. Install it free on your iOS device or smartphone to register and enjoy unlimited VPN for just $ 1 a month (cheaper than a Cup of coffee!). On any device.

Another important difference between this service — the application does not require authorization to create an account and register. Downloaded — and you can use it. GuruVPN does not collect or store personal data of the customers, providing maximum anonymity and security. Will only set the profile GuruVPN, and then you can use the utility at your pleasure. Just choose the country, the server which you want to use, and connect to it.

The program's Interface is incredibly minimalistic: just two buttons to connect or disconnect. When you first start you will be prompted to install the profile, but then this action do not have to. Simply connect or disconnect. One tap of the screen.

In application settings you can configure a proxy for Telegram (own private server), view the list of devices and even contact support, if you have any questions.

Conveniently, for use of the service GuruVPN asking only $ 1 per month (59 rubles), to try its functionality is free during the week. No in-app purchases, to the extra traffic and so on. While it has application not only that but and . Subscription single — that is enough to pay your subscription from your smartphone and you can use the app on all your devices.

Special note is the simplicity of logging in on a computer program — just scan the QR-code the app using mobile.

At the moment this unique application (and the service itself), providing a 100% guarantee of privacy and anonymity in the Network. The service allows you to access your favorite applications without any restrictions — for example, Netflix, Spotify or PS Network. And most importantly — you can use on your mobile device and computer.


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