How to watch TV in our century?


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How to watch TV in our century?

Online TV is now gaining popularity — not surprising, since obschedomovoe antenna gives a maximum of 30-40 channels, and often it is limited to 18-20 analog (!) programs. Fortunately now to view your favorite shows, just connect the TV to the Internet (modern do) and download the correct app. This application has — it Peers.TV. It is available for Smart TV and Android TV, and the web version.

Of Course, we are primarily interested in the app for the TV because it most likely to be watching in the evenings and weekends favorite programs. To start using the service, you find in the app store for Smart TV and download it to your TV.

Peers.TV allows you to look familiar to each of us channels, and makes it wonderful. To achieve such a result was possible by providing free access to air dozens of TV channels, different thematic programmes and series. In the section "Collections" besides, now you can watch movies from the provider's vod content Tvigle.

One of the features of the app — teliashev. It records broadcast popular channels and opens access to them. See later — for example, the Saturday sporting event to reschedule for Sunday.

By the Way, about the sport — Peers.TV offers . For example, on the channel «the Match! Prime" collected all 240 matches of the Russian Premier League and «the Match! Soccer" allows you to watch all matches of world football — from the FA Cup to the Champions League. Three thematic channel Matcht maximum bring you to the global football events live show news and introduce the Analytics of sports experts. But most importantly — the broadcast is in HD quality.

Of Course, not all of us are football fans, and to them offer other types of subscriptions. The cheapest — Peers.TV Plus, will cost only 99 rubles per month. For the money get full off of advertising, including archives of TV shows, as well as five premium channels from the list to choose from. And in the subscription of the "Family" collection of the best Russian and foreign entertainment channels during the month are available not only live, but in the records archive of TV programs. A full pack of alertplease for the whole family.

The Only inconvenience — at the moment, to purchase a subscription directly from the TV it is impossible, however it can be done , as well as on the website of the service. And thanks to data synchronization on all devices to watch these channels then you in HD quality on the TV. It is expected that in the near future to purchase a subscription directly from your TV. It would be very convenient.

Another useful feature of the app is the ability to play a playlist of my provider. If he has the channels, they will all be available in Peers.TV. Otherwise, you can request the address of the playlist from the provider yourself, and then report it to the developers Peers.TV.

— not just an app for viewing archived TV shows. This is a service that allows you to forget about not most uncomfortable broadcasting schedule of the channel and to make TV truly personal.

Become a spectator Peers.TV


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Mobile App For Advertising. Overview Banners App from EasyVisual

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