In China showed the exact clone of iPhone X for Android


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In China showed the exact clone of iPhone X for Android

As you may be aware, from April 18 to April 21 edition visited the exhibition Global Sources Mobile Electronics in Hong Kong. We were able to test the smartphone many of the top manufacturers, but the biggest surprise of the last event was the flagship Ulefone be Pro T2.

For the First time a prototype Ulefone T2 Pro was spotted at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Then a gadget, more like a concept than a commercial sample, was pleasantly surprised by almost all the visitors of the event. Really huge display without frames at an affordable price — is this not a masterpiece?

The Concept of «available» flagship, a priori, implying the compromise as the best suited Ulefone T2 Pro. Otherwise, simply can not be. But more interesting is to observe how the Dodge manufacturer, deciding all disputed points.

The First thing that you notice — the display is about six inches with an aspect ratio of 19:9 manufactured by Sharp. He looks so cool that he forgive even notch a La iPhone X, without which there obviously was not enough.

The Only unused area on the front panel of the Ulefone T2 Pro — a small ledge at the bottom. However, it is so small that it simply does not pay attention, because all your attention will be drawn to the display.

On the back is located only a LED flash and dual peephole main camera, which will be able to do portraits and probably zoom the image without loss of quality. The fingerprint scanner like on a whim looking for under the camera, combined with the display matrix. Remembering that the flagman being positioned as an affordable, inevitably begin to look for the catch, but, not finding him, with admiration I think: «no way!». But no, it even happens.

As an alternative way of unlocking will be offered hardware and software system Face ID 2.0. Yes, unlike competitors using software-only algorithms, T2 Pro got a dedicated sensor, scanning the whole terrain of the face. Here, finally, I understand that asymmetrical display with the groove — this is the lowest price that you can pay for a security.

A smartphone In hand felt surprisingly comfortable. It is light, glass and metal nice cold palm, and the rounded edges do not cut into the fingers. Case Ulefone T2 Pro is so compact that the news that the inside has the battery capacity of 5000 mAh, is first perceived as a joke.

Despite the fact that the exhibition brought an engineering sample, before the appearance of which at retail will be at least another three months, its performance does not cause rejection or frustration. The impression is that everything works exactly as it should work.

Based Ulefone T2 Pro is processor MediaTek and P70 8 GB of RAM. P70 — not the top-end chipset, the performance of which lies somewhere between the Snapdragon 820 and 835. The decision of the manufacturer to equip the new most powerful "stone" derives from its price. The model will appear in sale at the price about 400 dollars.

With T2 Pro vendor brought to the exhibition a simplified version of the flagship smartphone — T2. Externally and internally this model is a little different from the older, — except that the display with aspect ratio of 18:9 and the fingerprint scanner, which is left on the rear panel. For the performance of the smartphone meets a P60 MediaTek chipset with 6 GB of RAM.

Sales of both versions Ulefon T2 will start in August 2018. The date appearing on the market, as well as exact retail prices of the models will be announced later.


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