Microsoft Lumia again in the sale


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Microsoft Lumia again in the sale

Many users believe that there are only two known mobile platforms — Android, developed by Google and iOS from Apple, designed just for her devices. Recently there have been mobile and Windows platform, and for a time it seemed that she has great potential. But it turned out otherwise, and the platform either history or ever come back again in a new role. However, the selling reappeared Lumia smartphones running this OS. What can it mean?

The Phones running the Windows operating system have again appeared in the sale. We are talking about models of the Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550 and 650 that are now on the official website of Microsoft Store. Learn more about the unexpected return to the market of devices Lumia told Victor (the Victor) in his article published resource .

Smartphones running Windows Phone has never enjoyed such great popularity, as devices on Android and iOS, even though these smart phones and proved a lot of fans. Meanwhile Windows for many years has been and remains the most popular operating system for computers.

Much time has Passed since then, as users began to consider the Lumia devices of the past phones. Although it was never stated officially, but it was assumed that the company Microsoft has ceased to carry smartphones. However, it was also reported that she is preparing a Surface Phone, which will be her new release on the market the most popular among users of computer devices.

However, the emergence of the Microsoft store several Lumia models does not mean returning the software giant in the smartphone market. It could be just the desire of the company to sell the remaining in the warehouses of the devices. So the new message does not say anything to users or about the prospects for the mobile platform Windows 10, nor on the likely development by Microsoft of new features that would make a more attractive future smartphones running its mobile platform.

However, although this is unlikely, the return of Lumia smartphones on sale may be a sign of extension of support platform. In any case, at the time of the message in the Microsoft Store there were such models of devices at the following prices — Lumia 950 XL ($499 US), the Lumia 950 ($399 US), Lumia 650 (USD 199), the Lumia 550 (139 U.S. dollars).

At the end of last year, the impressions complete history of the mobile Windows platform was not created. It should be noted that, despite the termination of the awarding of software giant Microsoft for its Windows mobile platform, recently, at the end of November last year was presented smartphone Wileyfox Pro running Windows 10.

This device from the British brand features a 5-inch display, whose resolution is 720p. The chipset of the smartphone is characterized by a Quad-core CPU. In addition, Wileyfox Pro features and camera sensor resolution which is 8MP. The smartphone packs 2 GB of RAM. Built-in storage device — the 16-GB model. Wileyfox Pro offered to consumers at a price of £ 189,99.

We are Talking about the smartphone, aimed at business consumers who is able to assess support to mid-2020. Support is the provision of software updates, device. This is a quality smart phone for some users is more important than high-performance hardware and multiple software features.

A little earlier, but also in November 2017, "the second debut" a powerful smartphone HP Elite x3 working under the control of operating system Windows 10 Mobile. We are talking about the device based on the flagship chipset 2016 Snapdragon 820, which is combined with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 GB built-in storage. HP Elite x3 equipped 5,96-inch WQHD AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. In addition to watertightness, the smartphone is the fingerprint scanner and iris scanner.

HP Elite x3 found a use stereo speakers you dreamed of connoisseurs of high-quality sound on mobile devices. Among the positive distinctive qualities of the smartphone — quite capacious battery 4150 mAh battery.

Windows Mobile — the software platform with a huge story that may not going to fail. As readers can discuss the probability of a return mobile platform from Microsoft and the prospects for the software giant in the mobile market, which has become topical again after the announcement of the signing of the MOU between Microsoft and one of the most popular today, the Chinese vendors of smartphones — Xiaomi.


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