Apple added macOS support for external graphics cards


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Apple added macOS support for external graphics cards

Apple has implemented the long-awaited support for running macOS on external graphics cards connected via Thunderbolt 3. However, not all Macs get to use the new feature, as not all video cards are suitable for connection. In addition to everything worked, support is also needed for the new functions of the software.

In June last year Apple announced its plans to implement support for external graphics processors in their operating system macOS. And now, nearly a year later, official support has become a reality. Installed the latest update, users now have the ability to connect a number of different graphics cards to the Mac. Connection is via Thunderbolt port 3. This solution allows to improve the performance of a number of problems, including first of all the game and edit the video. In addition, Apple stressed that the new opportunity provided now to its operating system for computers that are useful when working with virtual reality. More new message was considered by Jacob Kastrenakes on the resource page . Of course, not all computer users in General will pay attention to the presence of this new feature.

The support was not a surprise since it was planned long ago. But there are a number of restrictions on what users can do with computers connected to the external GPUs. First of all, users will be able to choose only those models that are officially supported. While Apple only supports some video cards AMD Radeon. This does not mean that the GeForce is definitely not going to work. Some users noted that they worked when new feature of the operating system was in beta testing. The question remains as to whether this compatibility further.

In addition, users will not be able to use external graphics cards on the Windows operating system running via Boot Camp. However, even that to the computer via the Thunderbolt port 3 is connected a graphic card while running the operating system macOS, it may be sufficient to support the video processor is provided. Developers need to enable support. A new feature will be only on fairly new Mac computers, as the use of an external graphics processor includes a very high speed provided by Thunderbolt 3. The number of supporting a new function of computers — MacBook 2016 and 2017, 2017, iMac and iMac Pro 2018.

So if a user has a new computer and use apps that support the new function, it will be very useful for those who appreciate the performance of the graphics processor. The concept of using external graphics cards are popular in the gaming community. But the ability to use additional graphics processors were not available on the Mac, traditionally, computers are designed to work with succinct graphics.

A Huge role in the possibility of using new features play Thunderbolt 3, it is noted on the pages . This technology provides data transmission rate up to 40 gigabits per second. This speed is sufficient to between your Mac and an external video processor was a rapid exchange of data necessary to process textures and render data in the process of games, and this extra work is performed by the hardware do not cause significant user issues in games, 3D rendering, content, virtual reality and other applications that require additional video card.

Probably, for this reason, during the Best Buy sale had significantly reduced the price of the MacBook Air. The speed of Thunderbolt 2 ports is not enough to transfer the data, generated by an external graphics card. Its speed reaches "only" 20 gigabits per second. Thus, it is four times faster than conventional USB 3.1 Gen 1, but that's not enough for an external GPU. The data transfer speed is often the determining factor that makes possible the use of a particular new technology.

So, for a few hundred dollars a user can make your computer much more productive. A new feature may be especially useful for those who use MacBook Pro.

To Discuss a new function of macOS, which allows using external graphics cards, readers can .


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