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ICO Market is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Because of its availability on ICO today come all anyone, including fraudsters who use the primary placement only to collect money. Most of the "new" blockchain projects resemble each other to the point of confusion, as the twins. This applies to their financial models, conditions of location, content of the main document – White Paper, and more. Investors became extremely difficult to determine the value and prospects of the assets of a company in a chaotic informational noise that is distributed by the PR. Exception can be called ICO Tkeycoin. The project stands out against the General background a wide range of unique and innovative solutions, created for the implementation of global ideas, aiming to create a reliable, secure and easy economic cryptosystem to real life.


What is the guarantee of reliability ICO Tkeycoin

The Key markers that define the feasibility and viability are real people, high activity of the project in a transparent and step-by-step coverage of the process of its development in the media. The openness of the team to potential investors indicates that the company is with reliable product. Its quality is always easy to check by independent analysis of the information on the official website blockchain project, and taking into account the opinions of experts in the independent press. In an interview with the developers Tkeycoin always give detailed and professional answers to direct questions regarding policy, security and the future of the project. This suggests that the creators Tkeycoin value not only their child, but their name and reputation and, therefore, a team can definitely be trusted.


Why the project Tkeycoin will live

To Answer the question posed in the title of this Chapter, a very simple project Tkeycoin will live long, because he's an interesting society. A completely new blockchain Protocol Tkeycoin opens up great functionality for the realization of an infinite number of tasks as in the lives of millions of ordinary people and the real economy. First, a unique technology Tkeycoin ideal for the organization of domestic and cross-border financial transactions, making them many times faster, cheaper and safer traditional. Today, the blockchain Protocol Tkeycoin is one of a kind current Protocol, the transfer speed is 10 times the speed of transactions in the VISA system. In Tkeycoin it reaches 500 000 transactions per second. And according to the developers, this is not the limit.

System Tkeycoin equipped with the most modern tools for direct independent international interbank transfers that do not require the involvement of intermediaries, which allows the use of the project technologies to create effective alternatives to the notorious SWIFT. Secondly, the blockchain Tkeycoin ideal for secure storage of virtually any information database which is impossible to crack not only existing but also prospective software. To extract, test or study stored in the system Tkeycoin data, you will need to go through the procedure of deep multi-stage verification that 100% eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access by outsiders. however, for authorized users, in whatever corner of the planet they were searching for, collecting and processing data takes a few minutes, at a time when modern banking mechanisms to spend hours, days and sometimes weeks.

Third, if not today, then tomorrow, governments will be forced to accept that cryptocurrency has the full right to use as available for all means of payment and calculations. Anticipating such developments, the developers Tkeycoin consciously created a cryptocurrency TCD ready to replace Fiat money in human life, at any moment, when in the real sector when the time is right. Today coins from Tkeycoin you can automatically be exchanged for rubles, dollars or euros, withdraw to a Bank card. The functionality of the platform Tkeycoin allows participants to pay for cryptocurrency TCD goods and services in the marketplace, to reward for promoting the accounts of the sellers within the system, to build and develop in the framework of their own business. From the above facts it becomes obvious that the cryptocurrency TCD is designed for people with an eye on the dozens of years of development, and therefore the project is doomed to a long and successful life.


Perspectives Tkeycoin abroad

A Powerful technological breakthrough made by the developers of blockchain project Tkeycoin has not gone unnoticed by foreign qualified investors and professionals of the IT industry. In addition to the participation in ICO, the foreign players of the digital market proved to be an interesting topic of mobile payment technology Tkeycoin. We are talking about the application package created for Android OS and iOS that allows using your smartphone or tablet to control electronic wallets Tkeycoin, and not only them, to make secure payments, to exchange one cryptocurrency to another, or Fiat money, to pay for goods and services at a QR or bar code using an NFC chip. Fixing this concern, the team Tkeycoin made an analysis of the international market, and came to the conclusion that the most promising for the promotion of technology of mobile payments is the Asian region.

Insights Tkeycoin is confirmed by recent analysis fromcompany Juniper Research, which indicates that the projected turnover of mobile payments in Asia in the coming years will grow to 47 trillion. dollars. Understanding that the development of the project it is necessary to look at the horizon at least 10 years, decided to enter the Asian mobile payments market and occupy a niche. Now the company faces the challenge to find the right approach to the beginning of the expansion to use it as a tool to support the growth in the value of the token in the framework of the ICO, but in the end, bring extra profits to the investors within 4-6 months after the submission of technology in the foreign market. The team Tkeycoin a lot of different ideas which will be implemented parallel with the ICO in the interests of clients and society as a whole.


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