To work with PDF difficult? Try this app


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To work with PDF difficult? Try this app

PDFelement — a powerful processor to work with PDF

Many of us somehow have to work with documents in PDF format. One needs it in the office, others just prefer to share documentation in PDF format as it is convenient to use and economical in bandwidth consumption. The problem is that if there is a need to edit a PDF file, you have to pay a round sum, as most free apps are limited only by the display function.

solves this problem, and it is much cheaper than the analogues, therefore, to give a chance to her definitely worth it. Yes, this is the most famous program for working with PDF, which performs the task of editing a PDF and adding annotations to extract data from a PDF and merge multiple documents. This year it has been updated to the seventh edition and has become , and get to know her even easier. Moreover, the interface has undergone significant changes — now it is like Word, only PDF.

to Start working with PDF files directly from the home page

To navigate the document, you can use the navigation elements on the left. They are responsible for quick access to edit text, images, links, forms, and other tools. If you want formatting or search for a document, bookmarks, thumbnails and comments — ahead on the right panel. There is no clutter interface elements, as previously; all clearly, comfortably and concisely.

controls are located to the left and right

As mentioned in the beginning, PDFelement 7 — not just a utility to change the letter in the word in PDF document or insert a picture where it's needed. The application is able to convert files to PDF and Vice versa, leave annotations, signatures, and export the document in any convenient format. Well, and the developers left the feature merge PDF documents.

Perhaps the app has all the necessary features

Even the usual editing PDF may be completely different: for example, if you work in the banking sector and all the documents you need to put a watermark, you can do PDFelement. You can also edit images and graphics in your PDF files.

Provides advanced editing PDF

put a watermark in one click

Often we are dealing with paper versions of documents, no matter in what field, be it medicine, Finance or marketing. Sooner or later, all that has to be digitized, so to archive much easier. What to do after the documents were scanned? Right, to trust them is a utility that is able to recognize text (using OCR) and converts the document to PDF. Have fully digitized documents, which are not only easier to handle, but you can make many edits.

OCR translates images into text format

Besides all this, the application has the ability to automatically recognize form fields and retrieve large amounts of data. If we are talking about the confidential document using special functions of the program PDFelement you can put a password protection.

For working with forms, the developers have added a special section

There are tools to work with documents

Who needs this app? Yes, all who in any way associated with the PDF. For example, medical records are often maintained in multiple formats, financial documents are stored in .docx, the PDF, and I want to establish and lead the system to a common denominator. Even reporting, which is often delivered in formats .doc and .docx, can be transferred to PDF, if you have access to such a tool.

and for OS X, in particular , the last point is very important because normal tools to work with PDF on Mac just yet, but if they are, then stand like the wing of a Boeing. The trial version will allow you to see the functionality of the application, which then easily can be used for both personal and corporate purposes.

App awarded by the leading IT publications


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