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Every week in the world of high technology, there is something interesting: some people go to Mars and other produce robots, and others reveal the relationship between the number of eaten potatoes and depression (Yes, we are talking about the British scientists). Have tried to collect the most interesting for last 7 days and now I will tell you!

1. first things first — scientists have announced the creation of drugs, completely destroying the cancer! Israeli experts have insisted that developed a cure for cancer that kills cancer cells without any side effects. Its principle of operation is that the cancer cells will be killed tiny peptides, enveloping every cell from all sides.

Sounds cool, but until the company had successfully tested the drugs on mice, and recognizes that testing on humans could take several years. Its statement was already criticized by experts: most of them doubt that the drug is effective against all types of illness.

But the very good news — the pace is exactly will soon find a cure for cancer. What, then, will scientists?

2. Meanwhile in Dubai, it seems, don't know what else to spend money: skyscrapers built, oases scattered, airports are changing as gloves. And then the startup of the UAE Space Roasters thought: what if you sell coffee in space?

The Company has developed and patented a "space capsule for roasting coffee." It is divided into four cylindrical sections, each of which will fit 75 pounds of coffee beans. In a reverse descent into atmosphere, the capsule will be heated, and inside it will create ideal conditions for roasting of coffee beans, according to the authors of the project.

On earth coffee beans come into contact with a red-hot brazier, which often burn and crack. But in space, thanks to weightlessness, when you enter the ship back into the atmosphere they will be free to float inside the capsule, and evenly obzhivatjsya. How much will it cost kilogram of coffee? $ 20 000! And that sheiks can afford.

3. After chess and artificial intelligence have conquered... StarCraft! Stream showed that a robot with artificial intelligence AlphaStar wins professional player in a complex real-time strategy (RTS) StarCraft II. Champion of mankind, a 25-year-old pole, was thus "a cancer in the foreign Ministry" and came off with the score 5:0.

Feat DeepMind is the most complex in the long chain of events that computers impose on the best from the world of people in games and I won. Checkers fell in 1994, chess in 1997, in 2016 AlphaGo won the game. Robot StarCraft is the most powerful player of the world of artificial intelligence; and his arrival was waited for.

AlphaStar studied in StarCraft on the records of half a million games between people, then played with constantly-improving clones of yourself in a virtual League that is a kind of digital evolution. The best bots that appeared in this League, accumulated experience, equivalent to 200 years of gameplay!

4. I Think immortality is possible only in the movies? Underground microbes almost did it! In the late 1920-ies, a scientist named Charles Lipman began to suspect that the stones are bacteria. And, it seems, was right.

Scientists believe that on our planet there are also bacterial cells, which began life over 50 million years before the appearance of dinosaurs that can start again to share tomorrow. It is breath-taking.

These findings do not seem to be direct so ridiculous when you consider that microbes buried deep beneath the earth's surface, protected from cosmic radiation. But what kind of life! Era conducted the funeral in a dark, airless, silent matrix, barely eating, barely breathing, barely moving, barely living. But not the dead. I think we just wrote a great script for a new horror.

5. have Long been in the Museum? Think. This spring, visitors to the Salvador Dali Museum in the U.S. city of St. Petersburg (Yes, almost our St. Petersburg) will have to wait for a unique guest. In the framework of the exhibition "Dalí Lives", which will open its doors in April, all guests of the Museum will meet the interactive AI is a copy of the great Spanish surrealist artist.

The Museum invited a team of professionals, which used videos c Given to teach artificial intelligence to mimic the facial expressions of the artist and then put this effect on an actor with a similar body type. Virtual artist will comment on how their own works and events after his death in 1989.

The Idea is cool, but looks a bit...kremovato. Especially when you know that Dali died 30 years ago.

These are the main news from the world of high technology for the week. Would you like to try space coffee? Write about it .


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