As the desert heat will help "produce" the water? Technical details


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As the desert heat will help

Previously, scientists created an amazing device, extracting water from dry air. And anyone who is interested in new scientific achievements, of course, I would like to know at least in General terms, how does the technology, which in future will be able in sufficient quantities to provide extracted directly from the air with water every house, even in arid and desert climate and how this will help the caller of the drought, the heat.

Collecting water machine, which is reported in the journal Science, was designed at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) with the use of special material, metal-organic framework (MOF) — "ORGANOMETALLIC base", manufactured by University of California at Berkeley.

And the device that performs this task will be based on the special materials and the same heat that makes the desert without water. Last week was shown a working prototype of a solar light device that collects water from the air at 20% humidity, characteristic of arid climates.

One of the leading authors of the article about the new development of Ahi Omar (Omar Yaghi) notes that this is a significant achievement, allowing to solve a problem which has long faced by humanity — to extract water from the air when humidity is low. At the moment, in addition to new development, there is no other way to do it, in addition to such methods, which involve the use of huge amount of energy. In the end, using such a device, the water would be too expensive.

Consider the prototype of a humidity of 20-30% are capable for 12 hours to extract from the air 2.8 liters of water. This will require 1 kilogram of MOF material. Testing the device at the Massachusetts Institute of technology confirmed that it is able to work in real conditions.

Because the arid climate does not imply a lack of solar energy, which will be used to provide the house with water.

Omar's Ahi MOF invented more than twenty years ago, combining metals such as magnesium and aluminum, with organic molecules to produce a strong but porous structure, perfectly suited for storage of gases and liquids. Since then researchers around the world have created more than 20 thousand of different MOF materials. Some of them contain chemical elements such as hydrogen and methane. Chemical company BASF is testing one of the materials MOF Omar Ahi of real trucks on gas fuel.

Other materials MOF is able to collect carbon dioxide from the exhaust flue gases, the catalyzing reaction of absorbed chemicals or certain petroleum products to petrochemical plants.

In 2014, Omar's AGI and his team at the University of California, Berkeley, synthesized a MOF that is a combination of zirconium metal and adipic acid, which attracts water vapor. He suggested that the engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of technology Evelyn Wang (Evelyn Wang) to use MOF in collecting water.

Designed Evelyn Wang and her students, the system contains approximately 1 kilogram of MOF crystals the size of dust particles that are compressed between the solar absorber and the condenser inside a compartment open to air. As ambient air passes through the MOF porous material, water molecules are attached to its inner surface. The study by x-ray diffraction showed that molecules of water vapor are often grouped by eight in the shape of a cube.

The sunlight passing through the window, heats the MOF and facilitates the connection of water through the condenser, the temperature of which corresponds to the ambient temperature. Couples condenseries in the water in the liquid state and flows into a special drive.

Evelyn Wang notes that the researchers work opens a new way to methods of collecting water, which does not require high relative humidity. The new method is much more power efficient than other existing technologies.

Omar's Ahi adds that the current concept still remains to be improved. The existing MOF material is able to absorb water in the amount of only twenty percent of its weight, while other materials MOF, presumably, will be able to absorb 40% or more. The material can also be improved to be more effective at higher or lower level of humidity.

The Main essence of development is not the fact that it was created a device that collects water. Much more important than the materials themselves MOF, which created already more than one thousand, and in the process of working on new technology can be found even more suitable for the task materials. A huge potential is opened in the direction of improving the ability of a material to collect water. Therefore, Omar's AGI and his team will work to improve the MOF, and Evelyn Wang will continue to improve the system of collection, allowing you to get more water.

The water was constantly available to construct a system that does not stop to adsorb moisture from the air even at night and continues to do this day. Or do we need a solar drive, which allows to do it faster, passing through the device more air.

Will the ability to cheaply get water out of the air one of the most significant achievements of civilization?



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