Bear market Bitcoin may not last indefinitely. Opinion leading capturadora


2019-02-06 15:15:08




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Over the 2018 price is constantly decreasing, and the skeptics and then predicted his imminent collapse. The hype around the topics expanded. Because of this, the representatives of the MarketWatch even released crushing «exposing», which the author predicted the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, the so-called-and-drop to zero.

And while Andreas Antonopoulos and other cryptomnesia debunked these myths, there are a lot more cynics who just believe that BTC and altcoins will sink into Oblivion. For example, not so long ago at the world economic forum in Davos blockchain venture capital investor Jeff Schumacher Bitcoin is not backed by anything currency that should cost $ 0.

However, one of the leading capturadora the day before clearly pointed to the imminent end of the bearish season. About the user under the name Galaxy told representatives NewsBTC.

As he tweeted, BTC is coming to the 412-day milestone of the current bear market, hinting at the duration of cryptogamy in 2014/2015. Thus, if Bitcoin will continue to follow a similar trend bullrun could begin somewhere in the middle or towards the end of 2019.

The Trader did not make any more accurate predictions, but promised a very quick capitulation of the bears. Referring to his own experience, he also recommended a focus on long-term investment and not to engage in day trading. I am glad that Galaxy is not the only one who believe in the bright future of Bitcoin.

The More data you look at . The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom . Today for Bitcoin please 3460 dollars, which provides a market capitalization at the level 60,59 billion dollars. The proportion of dominance of the first cryptocurrency exceeds 53 percent, which is typical for the current state of the niche.


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