Voice assistant Cortana got a holographic avatar


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Voice assistants like Microsoft Cortana or Siri from Apple has long been firmly established in our lives. Despite the still imperfect technology of communication, for a full perception of voice assistants is not enough «reality». These thoughts and Jarema Archer, known online under the nickname unt1tled, which was created for «Cortana» operating system Windows 10, something like «holographic avatar», in no way inferior to «common» version.

As of the computer running a voice assistant, was selected as a relatively small car Mini-ITX with 4 gigabytes of RAM and Windows 10 respectively. As a holographic display was used already well-established glass panels, located at a certain angle to the surface and to each other, forming something like a pyramid. Such a display provides images of sufficiently good quality that is visible also under almost any angle.

In the course of development for the holographic version of «Cortana» Archer faced a number of serious problems. The fact that Cortana was not originally designed with an eye to the possibility of such use as holograms. And in Windows 10 lacks programmatic interfaces that allows you to monitor the virtual assistant. Moreover, folk craftsman had to use the face recognition technology in order to adapt the holographic image in accordance with the user's position and the direction of his gaze. The result, which you can see in the video below, is pretty impressive and quite futuristic. But the question arises: if one person could design tools to create something similar, that's why Microsoft itself is not trying to introduce anything similar in this area?



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