How to choose a safe browser?


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How to choose a safe browser?

In recent years the problem of online privacy is widespread. Worrying about the safety of the data of their users, developers from all over the world are testing new ways to protect and encrypt the data, thus improving the experience. Are involved and large companies — out Apple has even released a series of commercials in which talks about the importance of privacy. But if you put aside a Eulogy and marketing tricks how to really make your stay in the Internet the maximum personal?

In theory, to answer this question, simply to enjoy secure and private messenger browser. But if the first is more or less clear (optional, usually between Telegram and WhatsApp) to find the browser with privacy features is more difficult. More precisely, such a lot of apps for both iOS and , that's just not all of them meet the stated functionality.

Users sometimes don't even have a clue about what they provided data is used by some third party that collects data on a potential client. Data such as location, user name, gender and date of birth, email address and even the password from the e-mail often fall into the hands of third-party services, sometimes even completely unknown to the Internet user. This can be avoided using private browsers like Aloha Browser — they do not convey to anyone the information about users, because they simply do not collect them, and to share, in fact, nothing.

fully dedicated to raising the level of security on the Network — it not only has a built in ad blocker but also allows to protect the user from various trackers, bots and sites that use its location, or malicious/phishing pages. To this end, the browser has a separate section where you can explore detailed statistics — the number of times the trackers were trying to track you, to know the location and more. You will be surprised how much gets on you conventional online store, even if you're not buying anything and just looking for a new phone or a swimsuit for vacation.

a Section with statistics is always in quick access

If you wish you can study more details — who keeps track of who wants «the finish» advertisement

It looks largely normal browser — targeted (aka search) string, tabs, bottom navigation menu where you can access the main screen, downloads and open tabs. In the section with the tabs provides the ability to activate the private mode access — by analogy in Safari.

a very familiar browser is

But there are features that distinguish this app from the rest. For example, the built-in VPN, available at the touch of a single button (in the form of a shield next to the address bar). It is possible to quickly change the country VPN connection, if you have a premium subscription; if not — have free access to a common VPN. By the way, not so long ago in Aloha, the Browser added support for TOR — it is now possible to visit .onion sites, just select the TOR server list VPN servers.

to access the VPN by clicking just one button

There is a possibility to choose a VPN server

The Developers are also responsible attitude to the downloads — there is a separate private folder that you can put a password so no one can access your files even if you somehow take possession of the device. It is also possible to set a password for a secret tabs (that you do not want to see anyone except owner).

to Set the password, even on folder downloads

All this is in addition to other functions — like background playback, built-in media player and QR code scanner. Aloha Browser is the premium subscription that allows you to choose the country VPN, provides support for ZIP archives and other functions. To try it for free, and if it will not be necessary to continue to use the browser in normal mode. Or just buy, because by February 14, the developers distribute the premium is two times cheaper.

this browser's advanced privacy settings

And this is not some new browser — many users use this app for several years, even some writers in our newsroom. And not just because of the advanced features to ensure the privacy, everything else, is an advanced browser with a huge set of functions available , and .

Download safe browser for iOS

Download safe browser for Android

Private browser should not just have a button «Private access», and something else


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