10 rules of conduct when in contact with aliens


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10 rules of conduct when in contact with aliens

People who are seriously talking about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, usually consider or dreamers or writers or lunatics. But as soon as people deeper exploring the universe, some official institutions such as the United Nations, I consider it reasonable to set the official rules in the event that if aliens do find. Before you ten rules of conduct that you should be aware in case the aliens decide to join with the Earth contact or the astronauts stumble upon an alien civilization. Otherwise, you can and end up in a cage.


Astronauts must undergo quarantine upon return from space

The U.S. Congress adopted the Law of an extraterrestrial impact in 1969. This law requires that all astronauts returning from trips into space, were subjected to quarantine for a certain period of time. This is necessary in order to ensure that they bring unconsciously (or consciously) any form of life on Earth. This was done shortly before the mission "Apollo-11". NASA never worried so much about little green men, how about the germs that can cause an outbreak of disease or epidemic on Earth.

Oddly enough, this law was misinterpreted by some persons, believing that he forbids the Americans to establish contact with aliens. The law was repealed in 1977, after several successful NASA missions have shown that astronauts do not bring pollutants from space. Despite this, people continue to publish an angry rant on the Internet complaining that someone forbids them to communicate with aliens.


About the alien life should be reported immediately to the UN

In 1967 the United Nations created the Treaty on principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies. It is often called the "outer space Treaty", because the full title of the Treaty, no one remembers. Initially, it was signed by Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, but now under it there are already more than 125 countries.

Article V of the outer space Treaty States: "States parties to the Treaty shall immediately inform the other States parties to the Treaty or the Secretary-General of the United Nations of any phenomena they discover in outer space [ ... ] that may pose a danger to the life or health of astronauts". Naturally, this includes the opening of aliens.

In 2011, the Director of the office of the United Nations space Matalan Othman delivered a speech in which he stated that before the Earth will come in contact with aliens, it must be a system that provides this interaction. This has led to widespread reports that Othman is "alien Ambassador" to the UN. Othman denied it.

In any case, the UN will be one of the first who will know if the astronauts are faced with something alien.


the Rules of behavior at the first contact with aliens

After the observation of liquid water on the surface of Mars, the probability of the presence of life significantly increased. The outer space Treaty forbids any potential contamination by alien life forces of people and technology people. Wherever there is liquid water, formed a "special region" to which special rules apply. Other "special regions" for places with caves or volcanic activity.

That's why the Rovers NASA had not gone to photograph liquid water on Mars, despite all the excitement caused by her discovery. Rovers do not meet the standards of sterilization, which are considered safe for the search of life in areas where she might have.

People also can not go in these areas until the sterile robots will not begin to conduct research. But because several companies, including NASA, SpaceX and Mars One are promoting their plans for sending humans to Mars, the question arises: would people still obey the rules and stay away from the place in which we could bring to life the greatest discovery of our time?

Which brings us to our next law...


the law of the Sea for the space of the colonizers

According to the outer space Treaty of the UN, no one person or nation can own any part of or the entire planet, because they belong to "all mankind". And since different countries are working on issues of long-term exploration and possible colonization of Mars, the question arises, what laws would apply on Mars to expats (which then become aliens to us)?

The United Nations has a Declaration for this. In 1962, the United Nations adopted the Declaration of legal principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space, which States that anyone who sends a rocket into space, will retain its jurisdiction over her and the people in it. Just as the crew of the ship in international waters, the crew on Mars will have to follow the rules of the country that launched the ship. For example, NASA astronauts still have to follow the laws of the United States.


Aliens are people too

In 1953 an American lawyer and former Vice-President of the International Astronautical Federation, Andrew Haley published an article in which he discussed the idea of such treatment to aliens, what would like to have any man, despite the fact that they can completely from other lands. The idea is to extend the Golden rule to include aliens, became known as "metascan".

Then metascan was formulated by the Austrian lawyer Ernst Pheasant. It included three key principles:

  1. People are not supposed to harm aliens
  2. the
  3. Aliens and humans are equal
  4. the
  5. People need to understand the desire of aliens to live and to have this safe space

In Other words, it is not necessary to beat the aliens in the face like will Smith in "independence Day".


the Astronauts — envoys from the face of the human race

The UN with all its rules on the topic of space exploration don't forget the old saying, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression". Therefore, the Declaration of legal principles managing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space, includes a section in which the astronauts referred to as "messengers of mankind in space".

It makes you wonder whether the training of astronauts some course etiquette on the subject of how to make first contact and not to harm humanity. According to retired American astronaut Clayton Anderson, currently in the training program of NASA astronauts is not part of the instruction to action by contact with aliens.


Aliens will have to pay taxes

Alien, fined tax — that it would be an interesting first impression.

Under American law, all sold by USA in outer space, is considered to be sold in the United States. So, is the subject of U.S. tax law. The law says nothing about exemption from sales unearthly life forms.

The U.S. tax rules also apply to goods traded under barter. It's kind of a ban on the division of interplanetary technology. However, NASA is tax exempt, therefore, may carry out any transactions that it wants. Unfortunately for the aliens, if they have not previously registered in the USA as a non-profit organization, they will get a nasty first lesson of what the life of an ordinary American who has to pay taxes.

It is possible that in other situations the picture is similar.


Aliens can kidnap

The First person who has received widespread fame for reporting alien abduction, was the Brazilian Antonio Vilas Boas. In 1957, 23-year-old Boas claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

Seven years before that, the U.S. military has developed a plan for first contact, called "Seven steps to contact," in which one of the steps actually included the kidnapping of several aliens (if they are technologically weaker than us) to study. Yes, we could be creepy aliens stealing creatures from their own planet and return them later, so they told terrible stories of his incredulous peers.


the Mouthpiece of the world

The Permanent Committee IAA SETI, or if short — international Academy of Astronautics in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, is an international organization that deals with exactly what its title says: hunting for aliens. They track different types of waves (radio waves, microwaves) to search for possible broadcast by aliens.

Although the people conducting SETI experiments have not always enjoyed great respect, some great names and agencies demonstrated support SETI and its methods. In 1896, Nikola Tesla suggested the use of radio waves to send messages to aliens. Since 1960, NASA has funded SETI program at the expense of own funds.

The Permanent Committee IAA SETI wrote a Declaration of principles concerning activities after the detection of extraterrestrial intelligence. It outlines basic rules of conduct, if any, performing the experiments SETI actually find signals of aliens.

If such a signal is detected and confirmed, can not be answered until the information won't be spread around the world and a universally accepted answer. Turns out to be a long time between the detection signal and the response to it. One can only hope that the aliens will be more patient than the earth.


Alas, the space belongs to the Earth

As we have already mentioned the outer space Treaty, the UN calls the space "the property of all mankind." The UN also imposes a responsibility on the country to the Ground and for any damage which they can bring the planets...


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