Is it possible to grow insect larvae under the skin and why?


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Is it possible to grow insect larvae under the skin and why?

History, which at the Kosh shiver. Video Business Insider

We All know about the existence of parasites – protozoa, animals, viruses, bacteria and fungi which is necessary for the survival of the host organism. There are parasites, infection that affects people, they are human parasites. Some of them, as the results of scientific research «to make» under the skin – in the truest sense of the word. So, in 2014, Peter Naskrecki – entomologist and biologist specializing in nature conservation, the author and photographer of the Museum of comparative Zoology at Harvard University, found that under the surface of his skin settled tiny parasites – human fly Dermatobia hominis and decided to grow them in the name of science.

Measy — parasitic disease caused by fly larvae in the tissues and body cavities of humans and animals.

human Parasites

For the offspring of some of the bugs your body is the best in the world home. So, gadfly larvae burrow under the skin, forming a pus-filled pimple. And in 2018, the cockroach crawled into his ear of a sleeping person and lay their eggs in the ear canal. Perhaps this is one of the most horrible stories that you can imagine. Fortunately, cockroaches don't tend to penetrate into the human body for reproduction. In addition, however, there is a huge number of other nasty insects, who will lay eggs all over your body specially.

When Peter Naskrecki went to Belize (a country in Central America) in 2014, found that is infested with tiny parasites which live beneath the surface of his skin. Bot fly larvae entered through bites of fresh flies. This disease is known as dermatomes (dermatobiasis) — South American tropical myiasis caused by the larva of the gadfly. The symptoms of this unpleasant disease include formation of the skin around the invading pathogen – the abscessed node. When Naskrecki realized what was happening, he did what any man would have done, faced with the cub parasitic insect is carefully removed it. Only then he could see many rows of spines the tiny larva. With their help, she clung to his insides.

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photo Peter Naskrecki, an entomologist who helped find a new species katydid. And yet, this brave scientist grew a maggot inside his skin.

But faced with two larvae living inside of him, Naskrecki did, how would any brave scientist in his place – he allowed them to continue their life cycle, documenting the entire process in the documentary. It took two months to larvae in the skin of Peter has reached the point where were ready to be born. The process took about 40 minutes.

Can't say that it hurt. Actually, I probably never would have noticed if I had not followed the development of parasites. The fact that fly larvae produce painkillers that make their presence as inconspicuous as possible.

Peter Naskrecki during filming

We Have to inform you what to watch as the larva crawls out of the open wound of the scientist are absolutely sickening but at the same time extremely exciting. Perhaps it's supposed to look like documentaries about nature.

Who else captures our bodies?

There is a tropical parasite of the sand flea (Tunga penetrans). Females burrow into the soles of the feet to relish feasting on human blood. When they enter the skin, their size does not exceed a grain of sand, but during the week much these guys grow, causing severe skin disease sarcopsylla, or tungis. Eggs full sand fleas fall to the ground and hatch, waiting for the next bare feet. However, science is aware of other egg-parasites, able to penetrate deep into the skin.

Even more fascinating articles about the amazing organisms that inhabit our planet, read on . There regularly are articles that are not on the site!

this is the parasite that causes severe disease of the feet

Tapeworms, for example, penetrate the intestine. Adults can exceed a length of the bowling lane, thereby blocking the digestive system. With the development of the worms, feeling the media is getting worse, as parasites lay tens of thousands eggs which can hatch and migrate, spreading through the lungs, muscles and even the brain.

Sounds awful, but you haven't heard about «eye worm» Loa Loa. The larvae of the parasite can be transmitted from person to person through the bites of flies. Five months after penetration, larvae reach maturity and released thousands of embryos a day. Free germs, in turn, go on a fascinating journey around the human body. In fact, the situation may be so severe that the worms moving under the skin or in the eyeball can be seen.

Eye worm Loa Loa is a parasite, which even the enemy would not wish

All parasites are bad?

No matter How horrible and inventive were some kinds, not every oviparous invader bears his master of the problem. So, for a fairly innocuous treat facial ticks. They live almost all on the face… and most people don'tnotice. In the end, these parasites feed on subcutaneous fat, not the flesh. When it comes time to reproduce, the females lay just one egg in the open pores. Moreover, today experts can study facial ticks and to see how your ancestors migrated across the planet. All because of the facial mites are usually passed from parent to child, constantly staying in the family.

did you ever run into a similar parasites? Share your answer in the comments and with participants

But ticks in the face – not only «Flesh flies» or ordinary green patalenitsa (Lucilia caesar) can be useful in medicine. Flies lay eggs in open wounds, and then the larvae hatch, devouring the damaged flesh. Sounds cruel, but one day we will be able to use this process for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and other slow healing wounds. All because they secrete proteins that reduce reduce inflammation!

So, if flies, gadflies, fleas and tape worms are going to come back to visit, they should definitely follow the example of facial ticks and flesh flies.


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