New plastic degrades in just 4 years


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New plastic degrades in just 4 years

Common plastic decomposes for a few hundred years, but NeCycle — in just four years.

Today, plastic has become an indispensable material from which made dishes, tools, toys — in short, almost everything that surrounds us. Its popularity is due to low cost, strength and durability, but at such attractive properties, humanity is paying a very heavy price. Because of the abundance of plastic products, which in large quantities was thrown out by the people in nature today, hundreds of living creatures. Plastic does not decompose for hundreds of years, so in the future our planet could turn into a huge garbage dump. To avoid this, scientists from around the world are trying to develop more innocuous counterpart, which would be as inexpensive and durable, but is decaying much faster and does not poison the nature of their existence. It seems that this material is finally created.

Safe plastic

Of the new material was described in a scientific . Recipe plastic which has high strength and rapid period of decomposition, was developed by employees of the Japanese company NEC. It is engaged in the manufacture of electronic equipment but, apparently, it has special laboratory for the creation of new materials. Formed plastic 50% consists of plant materials, making made from it items completely decompose in just 4 years. And it's not just a very good indicator, but even awesome — the usual plastic retains its shape and harmful properties of several centuries!

Interesting fact: initially the plastic was created as a replacement slonovi bones, of which manufactured billiard balls

New plastic given the name NeCycle. The material consists of about 50% of cellulose is a solid substance of white color, which is extracted from various plants. It is easily decomposed under the influence of microorganisms that inhabit the soil. What is the rest of the plastic, the researchers say, but it is important that the material is fully decomposed in just four years. That is, it is very similar to the wood products from birch, for example, rot in 2-3 years. Then, the developed material will harm nature much less than the usual plastic.

it All depends on the surrounding conditions, but in General, the trees decompose very quickly,

Such material is already there, but they are created by groups of scientists. For example, in 2019 the author of Vladimir Kuznetsov told about the breakthrough, which was made by American scientists. They have created environmentally friendly , which has the same durability that the plastic. Only here to use such material will not begin soon, because scientists have nothing of them to produce — we need to seek a company that will be ready for something to do.

Perhaps someday, the tobacco leaves to save the planet

a New material technology

Based on this, in the success of the material NeCycle to believe more. Because it was developed by the company, which manufactures electronic equipment ranging from the distant 1899. In the first years of its existence, it produced telephone equipment and is now producing projectors, monitors and other types of electronic equipment. We would not be surprised if soon the hull of the new company products will be made from more environmentally friendly material than ordinary plastic.

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In the future, the company intends to sell the material to third-party manufacturers. New NeCycle is expected to be distributed in two forms: in the form of finished parts for various equipment in the form of pellets. These pellets can be melt, pour into molds and manufacture of material all that is needed. If all goes according to plan and a third-party company interested in a new kind of plastic that, by 2025, NEC will sell goods totaling about $ 46 million.

NeCycle will be sold to other producers in the form of pellets

If humanity will be able to collect tons of discarded plastic and recycle it, and further time to begin to use safe materials, the planet will be saved. And at the moment, the environmental situation we have a very disastrous — most recently, I was told that plastic bags remain intact even after 20 years of being under water. In this article, you will be able to learn about what is exactly harmful plastic — some do not know that he has harm .


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