#video | Nokia 3310 (2017) — return of the legend?


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#video | Nokia 3310 (2017) — return of the legend?

In 2000 the world saw the Nokia 3310. Whether it was necessary to wait seventeen years to release what they showed us at MWC in Barcelona in 2017? There is no certainty, but the deal is.

The year 2000 was interesting and rich. Only one "Brother-2" is worth something! Or the release of the PlayStation 2, which became the best selling device of its kind for 10 years and has sold more than 150 million copies. In that year there have been a lot more interesting, but for us at the moment, the most interest is the release of Nokia 3310, which not only caught the fancy of a large number of people, but also became the hero of a large number of popular memes that we see so far. And now, in 2017, we again see something like that is even called as well. Should try to be surprised.

If you remember in the beginning some facts about the old, the very first Nokia 3310, it is possible to tell that after some improvements in this phone I would insert the flash memory for reading e-books. First plug in the phone under the battery and to connect it to the computer, it was necessary to use a special wire, in which was embedded the battery cover. And the flashing required at two different cable.

The Display used in the original Nokia 3310 was so simple and cheap that was the cheapest on the market at the time, so was used in many Amateur designs to display text or simple graphics.

A Second life model began to take in the moment, when Kazakhstan at the legislative level is forbidden to use in public institutions smartphones or other phones with cameras. Officials began to actively buy the old reliable phones, one of which was Nokia 3310.

I must say that even when the new Nokia 3310 has shown for the first time a few months ago, he made me not nostalgic feelings, but rather puzzling. I didn't understand why. A simple phone that just in case lying in the car or bag? Not the level of the battery. Though the promise of 22 hours of talk time and 25 days standby, but this is still not many, there are phones that can do more. And the price is high. Might need this phone to those who want to remember how it was? Doubtful, as it was still not even externally this phone is only very vaguely reminiscent of the old Nokia 3310. In the end, we just got a push button phone, which did not seem so bad, but it only brings turmoil and confusion in the story.

The Phone is an Association with cinema. It's like watching the second part of the film, which is not bad in itself, but the attitude of the first it is very tense. Like the same name and the film is normal, but it tried to “go to name”. For example, many liked the series «breaking bad», and then the creators have tried to leave on behalf of and in the world created by the authors of the original version, and released a series «Better call Saul». Like the series is not so bad in itself, but if he was not related to the original storyline, the few who drew attention to it.

Also get this phone. He's different. But, no matter how wanted to get away from comparisons, but it's not easy.

If we talk about the new Nokia 3310 separately, then there is a radio, the game «Snake», color display, and even Opera-mini. There is no wifi, so you'll have to use GPRS. «Snake» here is not the same. She tried to make a “pixel”, but it is quite another, and does not cause those feelings. And two SIM card — it's not in the spirit of the time.

Hull Colours there are four. Bright red-orange and yellow, and traditional blue and calm grey. The case is thin, but not to say that quality. If the old Nokia was a monolith, then there is no such feeling. Body is too thin and creaks, and even scratched.

Is Charged by microUSB, which is at the top. The battery, by the way, 1200 mAh, but this phone is fine. Headphone port at the bottom. There's also the cover is opened, but to open it, for this we need to really try and to have a very strong nails, or a screwdriver, girls with nail Polish you better not even try to do it. Inside is a removable battery and space for SIM cards. In addition to the two SIM cards can be inserted here and even a memory card up to 32 GB, which can record music and store photos.

The camera takes pictures with a resolution of 2 MP. We're all used to larger, but nevertheless the pictures are not so bad for such apparatus.

Those who are accustomed to smartphones with large screens to watch the pictures from the screen of Nokia 3310 will be unbearable. The screen diagonal of 2.4 inches and a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels. The pixel density is also not high and is only 167 dpi.

Phone Menu also looks strange for those who are accustomed to touch screens. It looks like a symbiosis of the old and modern tile style. While flipping it should be using four-way buttons. Speaking of buttons... Another very convenient moment — is that the buttons of admission and discharge combined with navigation buttons, and they are very soft. Initially did not even realize that they do dual.

Don't think I'm so critical smashed it to smithereens. It's just not a Nokia 3310, it's just a push-button phone from 2017, which is a bit overrated, but overall not so bad. We were expecting more from him, but whoever it was released, now has little relevance to those who 17 years ago created a legend. Apparently, therefore, they have failed to do something that would evoke nostalgic feelings to those who remember how it all began. And provided an overview on camera thank our friends and partners from the store ....


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