Neuralink Elon Musk. Part six: dawn of the magicians


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Neuralink Elon Musk. Part six: dawn of the magicians

Eccentric in the best sense of the word entrepreneur, playboy, philanthropist Elon Musk known around the world. He decided to bring humanity into space, to colonize Mars, to abandon a disposable rockets. He decided to make the world cleaner, transplanted us from cars with internal combustion engines to self-driving cars. While unfolding these businesses, he does not sit idly by. He conceived Neuralink that will help us become new people. Without borders and without weaknesses, as it should be in the new world (Elon musk). To document the crazy ideas Mask, as always, volunteered Tim urban from WaitButWhy (he wrote about the artificial intelligence, the colonization of Mars and SpaceX). We present one of the best works of modern popular science journalism. Further, in the first person.

Part 2:


Part 3: Flying over the nest of neurons


Part 4: brain-computer interfaces



the Emerging industry of brain-computer interfaces is the seed of a revolution that would change almost everything. But in many ways the future of brain-computer interfaces is not new. If you look from the outside, all this looks like the next big Chapter of history that is already written. Language unbearably long turned into a letter, it then become unbearable for a long time to print. Then came electricity, and things started to happen. Radio. TV. Computers. Along with all this, every house was magical. Then phones have become wireless. Then the mobile. Computers have evolved from devices for work and play in the window to the digital world, of which we have all become. Then phones and computers have merged into everyday devices that moved the magic in our homes in our hands. And on the wrist. We are now at the dawn of the virtual and augmented reality, which is wrapped by the magic of our eyes and ears and carry our existence in the digital world.

it is Not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand where everything goes.

the Magic came all the way from industrial facilities into our homes and hands and will soon be in our head. Then it will make another step. The magic will be transferred to our brains.

This will happen through the brain interface, which I call the magic hat — brain-computer interface so full, so smooth, such a biocompatible and high-throughput that it will become part of your cortex and limbic system. Cerebral interface will provide your brain the ability to communicate wirelessly with the cloud, with computers and with any brains, who will have the same interface. This flow of information between your brain and the outside world will be completely invisible, it will be similar to the thinking that is happening in your head. While we still use the term "brain-computer interface", I think that he is not fully conveys the concept of brain interface. So I'll call it the magic hat.

Now, to fully grasp the essence of a magic hat on your head and how it will change everything, we need to realize a few ideas:

  1. Absolutely incredible idea
  2. the
  3. Super-duper-amazing absolutely incredible idea

First we will discuss the first and the second hold on the end so that you have time to reason #1.

Elon calls the brain interface and its many opportunities "tertiary digital layer" and the term has a double meaning, which corresponds to two startling ideas above.

the First value affects the idea of the physical parts of the brain. We discussed the three layers of the brain — the brain stem (controlled by the frog), limbic system (controlled by a monkey) and the crust (driven by rational thinker). We carefully took them apart, but before the end of this article, let's throw a frog from the explanation, because it is mostly functional and lives behind the scenes.

When Elon talks about "tertiary digital layer" he means that our brain contains two layers — our animal's limbic system (which we may call the primary layer) and our developed crust (which can be called a secondary layer). Interface magic hats, so will be a tertiary layer — a new physical part of the brain, complementing the other two.

If such a comparison you don't like it, Ilona has something to tell you:

we already Have tertiary digital layer. Is a computer or phone or other gadgets. You can ask the question in Google and instantly get the answer. It is possible to access any book or music. With the help of tables you can produce an incredible calculations. If you take a building the size of the Empire state building full of people with calculators, if they have a pencil and paper — one person with a laptop can do much more than that building full of people with calculators. You can chat with someone with video chat on the other end of the globe. When something could have passed for witchcraft. You can record any video or sound, make a billion of pictures, mark them with tags and automatically sorted. It is possible to broadcast in social media millions of people simultaneously for free. It wonders superpower, which was not even the President twenty years ago.

Why people can't understand now is that they are already cyborgs. You are not the creature that was twenty or even ten years ago. You already another creature. View: people even make polls on "how long can you do without your phone." And if you don't have more than 20 years, even one day would be enough. Without a phone we as without hands. I think that people already seem to have become with their phones, laptops and other devices.

It's hard to imagine, because we don't feel some kind of cyborg. We feel people who use the device for their needs. But think about your digital "I" when you communicate with someone online or in the «Skype» or when watching videos on YouTube. All this makes your digital alter ego, a sort of man inside you. The only difference is that there is no man — you use magic to go far from here at the speed of light through wires, satellites and electromagnetic waves. The difference in the environment.

the language was not a good way to transmit thought from one brain to another. Then the first people who invented the technology of language, transforming the vocal cords and ears in the world's first communication device and the air in the first communications environment. We use these devices whenever we talk to each other. Here it is:

Then we made another jump, invented a second layer of devices with their environment, allowing us to communicate at a great distance.

In this sense, your phone has the same "you" as in vocal cords, eyes or ears. All these things are just tools, moving thoughts from the brain to the brain — so who cares where this tool: the hand in the throat or in the eye socket? The digital age has made us dual beings — physical, which interact with the physical environment using biological and digital, that use digital devices — digital limb — to interact with the digital world.

But since we don't think about it that way, we can imagine that the person with the phone in the head or neck is a cyborg, a man with phone in hand, pressing it to my head, no. View Ilona is that cyborg man makes his ability — and not which side of the skull, these abilities manifest.

We are already cyborgs, we already have super powers, we already spend most of their lives in the digital world. And when you think about it that way, you realize how obvious is the need to improve the environment that connects us with the world. Actually, this change believe Elon, and it should happen when magic gets into our brains:

You have a digital Superman. Can be changed only interface is to increase the capacity of your digital alter ego. The fact that this interface is reduced to a tiny straw, which from the point of view of output — it's like trying to drill wood finger. And, obviously, such a conclusion has its disadvantages. It's damn slow communication. We can improve it by many orders of magnitude, if we acquire a direct neural interface.

in Other words, to implement our technologies into our brains — it is not a question of good or bad to be a cyborg. It is a question of what we are already cyborgs and they will be, so it makes sense to upgrade yourself from a primitive cyborgs with low bandwidth in the modern cyborgs.

Cerebral interface — it's just this update. He will change us from creatures whose primary and secondary layers of the live in the minds and whose tertiary layer lives in your pocket, in your hand or on the table

— in a class by itself...


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