Physicists say they have found a way to define a naked singularity


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Physicists say they have found a way to define a naked singularity

Black holes. Insanely dense cosmic objects with such powerful gravity that it bends space-time, and our current laws of physics, eventually creating a singularity. Fortunately, the universe protects us from these objects, creating around them the event horizon. We cannot see black holes . But now physicists say they have found a way to detect a naked singularity, while simultaneously checking the strength of some of our laws of classical physics.

"a Naked singularity, if this phenomenon really exists, is likely to be presented in the form of a rough tear in the fabric of reality, holes, distorting not only space-time, but all the laws of physics, wherever it came from, that would have deprived her of any kind of predictability," — comments Avanish Pandey, the author of the scientific column of the publication international business Times.

If this explanation brings you into a light stupor, don't worry. All this research, about which we will talk today, — pure theory, based on one major assumption that a naked singularity actually exists in our Universe, although the current level of our physics do not allow us to confirm it.

And yet, according to the General theory of relativity and our best to date computer models, a naked singularity is indeed possible. So what is it? A singularity can occur when the stellar collapse when the stellar cycle is nearing completion and the space to create a certain area with a huge density, that our physics is unable to explain what this field does.

In physics itself has two sections, allowing to understand our reality: quantum mechanics, which explains the interaction between the smallest particles (subatomic particles) in the Universe, and General relativity, which describes what we can see (the behavior of stars, galaxies and so on). The problem is that both of these section on different ways to explain the singularity and predict its behavior.

We have never considered the question of singularities from a practical point of view, because all the singularities that we know of and which we can guess to be embedded directly into the black holes at their centers, surrounded by an event horizon, after crossing the boundaries of which nothing, even light, is not able to avoid fate forever to be absorbed. There were, of course, another option is to study the singularity from which the whole universe was born (according to the Big Bang theory) but, unfortunately, we do not have the ability to look into the past.

As for the naked singularity, is a theoretical singularity, ignoring the laws of the Universe in relation to black holes, and this is the explanation. Consider an illustrative example. Below you can see a schematic illustration of a black hole. Left, she is surrounded by the event horizon (dashed circle). The right shows a naked singularity. The arrows indicate the light, which in the case of a black hole with an event horizon will not be able to leave, and in the case of naked singularity.

Assuming that a naked singularity does exist, then the big question will be how we will be able to define a naked singularity and to distinguish it from an ordinary black hole. This just trying to understand the new study.

Indian Scientists from Tata Institute of fundamental research proposed a two-stage plan is based on strong assumption that the singularity represent rotating objects such as black holes.

According to the General theory of relativity, the fabric of space-time near any rotating objects, she begins to "twist" with this rotation. This effect creates a gyroscopic moment, making the orbit rotating around these objects particles "precisionenemy", i.e. change the axis of their rotation.

Below you can watch precessional rotation of the gyroscope in order to understand what was going on. The axis of rotation is not straight.

Relying on these data, researchers say that we can determine the nature of the rotation of the objects by measuring the speed with which precessive gyroscope, that is, to know the frequency of precession between the two closest to the object points.

According to the study, we can deduce the following hypothesis:

  • Highly variable frequency of precession of the gyroscope between two points may indicate that the rotating object is a black hole;
  • the
  • is a Relatively weak change of the precession frequency and predictability of this behavior may indicate that the rotating object is a naked singularity.

Of Course, the delivery of the gyroscope to the black hole and test this theory is hardly a simple task. Nevertheless, the cross on the theory to put in early as a group of researchers found a more affordable and safe opportunity to observe these reactions of the gyroscope with the Earth, by measuring the frequency of precession, falling into a black hole or a naked singularity of matter with x-ray radiation.

"the Orbital plane of the precession frequency will increase with the approach of matter of rotating the black hole, but in theory, this frequency may decrease and even go to zero when approaching the rotating naked singularities", — the researchers say in their published article.

Again, to once again clarify: all this at the moment — only reasoning. First, we have never found a candidate for the role of naked singularities, and secondly, we have only begun to understand the essence of ordinary black holes. Also, just a week earlier, another group of scientists made the assumption that even if naked singularities exist, unexplored quantum effects can hide them from us.

In Short, to do now any conclusions would be clearly premature, as we are ready (or even unable) to observe phenomena, which may occur on the edge of our Universe. But perhaps someday, when technology will be several orders of magnitude more advanced? Who knows.



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