Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka: "I am delighted with the Mask and SpaceX"


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Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka:

On the occasion of the cosmonautics Day a popular entertainment and informational social network (sort of contribution to Reddit) was invited to the AMA-session Gennady I. Padalka, Hero of the Russian Federation, the Colonel of the air force, the Russian cosmonaut, and the man occupying the first place in total duration spent in space, which is 878 days. Gennady Ivanovich with great interest responded to the invitation and answered the questions of the users of this social network. The most interesting questions and answers we decided to move here.


About personal interests and experiences, politics, religion, traditions and natural needs

What kind of fiction you prefer in childhood and adolescence?

The Historic adventure.

Name prevent ingress into one of the most superstitious professions?

No, not hindered, but only helped. All bodies in the gravitational force of earth's gravity and fall to the ground. I've always been glad to be back (hard crash) a parachute in the descent module.

Remember your first flight? Did after him the perception of the world? How is the post-flight rehabilitation?

My first flight was a long time ago, in 1998. All the thrills, emotions and excitement eventually "washed" out of memory. Think nothing will compare to anything else can't. But the perception of the world after the return has changed. I became even more enamored with our beautiful blue planet, which is surrounded by the black NOTHING. It is unlikely humanity will ever leave her. Perhaps only because of the global environmental disaster or threats from the outside. Post-flight rehabilitation is different. All very individually. There is an unwritten rule: the number of days the astronaut has spent in space, so many days should be on the ground for a full rehabilitation.

What are the tradition of initiation of young astronauts, first appeared on the ISS?

Honestly, no traditions. If I were, I wouldn't say (laughs). Then, they are traditions that remain silent about them. Tradition one: training young astronauts experienced operators, in a few days as the knowledge and skills acquired on earth, are fundamentally different from real life in space.

How astronauts cope with the very natural sexual tension?

Handle the same way as explorers, divers, sailors since the time of Columbus. We are not the first in this millennial list.

please Tell us about the attitude of the astronauts to the policy.

That policy is neutral. Crews are international, and we are apolitical. Very well, that is enough wisdom for the leaders of our countries (Russia, USA, Germany, Japan, France and the list goes on up to 16) not to engage in sanctions and counter-sanctions in relation to the ISS. We are very interdependent. Our prosperity and security depends on all partners equally, it has repeatedly demonstrated, when there is trouble. Will it be next? There is no certainty.

Why do we have so many superstitions in this scientific field? It's funny when the priests are to consecrate the rocket, made in spite of religion.

In my opinion, it is a modern trend in our Russian life. Now, almost no launch is complete without the delivery to the ISS Russian segment are religious, mostly Orthodox, symbols and attributes. In my opinion, it is wrong. We and our partners — representatives of all religious denominations on the earth, and to give preference to one religion is unfair. Religious paraphernalia for personal purposes on the station can be used, and the boys carry crosses, icons. It often happens that in the Russian segment of the ISS on the walls the icons, but when many of them remove. Not because the opponents, but because we have a multi-faith crews. Yes, and Russia — the country is not the only religion. In addition, we often participate in the opening of some domestic and international forums, events and festivals, international sporting events. For example, congratulated Nursultan Nazarbayev on victory at presidential elections in Kazakhstan. Would be a shame if we had congratulated the head of state, the majority of the population is Muslim, against the background of Orthodox icons. But in the cabin, personal space, you can hang anything and in any quantity. Respect and tolerance for all and in all. We — representatives of the entire planet.

With respect to any religion. Believe in the theory «Big Bang», but who initiated it: the Creator, the Creator, the God — humanity is looking for the answer for thousands of years. I am sure that education should not be supplanted by religious dogma.

on the ISS spend their leisure time? How much time do I have to sleep?

Time for leisure, of course. Aboard the station a huge international movies and a music library. You can order any movie, and you'll drop him off at the station in a few hours. There is access to the Internet, but unilateral and limited to certain sites to avoid hacker attacks. Call clock. All this set — good psychological support. There is also the opportunity to watch some of the live broadcast. For example, the football world Cup. Sleep plays 8.5 hours. Time is not controlled by anyone. Officially lights out at 21:30 and Wake up at 6:00. No one does not adhere to the regulations because all the above forms of entertainment. At the station "barracks" no. A full democracy. Everything is allowed, with the exception of chaos and action that violates the safety of the flight.

it Hard from a psychological point of view to be around the same people most of the time?

At the stage of selection and training we work with psychologists. They follow our training and evaluate the work in a team and individually. The crew is assigned spontaneously and not for a few hours before the start. We are undergoing joint training for several years (1,5-2 years as part of a backup crew and a year and a half as part of the core). Spend time not only in models of ships and space station modules, but in an informal setting. Meet families. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each, and well complement each other. In the Federal space Agency (NASA, European space Agency, etc.) we come not by newcomers — each has a lot of experience of teamwork, psychologically already selected. Overall, I have talked about this on the ISS democratic situation, no one is annoying: someone who likes solitude, and kept apart, each team — and finds like-minded people. Most importantly, not to hurt business.

What to do when you need urgent surgery?

Each of us is a medical preparation that are certified for the application of medical devices, aid and mutual assistance. The station even has a defibrillator in case of resuscitation. In very serious cases of organized private channel with the flight doctor. Under the control of the ground medical personnel carried out the operation. For a complete diagnosis is ultrasound examination. Each of us can put temporary filling. Without a good medical training impossible long flights to Mars. The crew may not always be a doctor.

how did you feel when he left and when he returned?

There is no Fear, worry, and apprehension are always present. This is necessary to adequately assess any dangerous situation. Romance and charm of Earth's species eventually give way to work, sometimes very boring and monotonous (e.g., cleaning stations), sometimes heavy in terms of physical and emotional (for example, exit). You have to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even when asleep, there is still a feeling of alertness, which interferes completely relax. Sometimes at night, an alarm is flagged. However, there is the time to get involved with photography and video. This is a hobby for many. But, in the end, no matter how difficult, the satisfaction of the flight and after landing pulls back into the space. I just repeated the phrase "always came to the station with great interest, worked with pleasure and with no less pleasure I way out". The flight — it is a long trip, get used to the space are always pulling on the Earth. All our conversations at the dinner table about what happened before the start and the landing.


About the past, present, future and prospects the future of space exploration

Tell us about the danger of space debris. You and your colleagues faced with this phenomenon?

You are right, now a lot of space debris. Several times we woke up in the morning in a different orbit, not on one which was moving the night before. It turns out that MCC night initiated the maneuver, finding that one with us orbit can pass a chip. Once the threat was so serious that we had to close all the hatches, to isolate all compartments at the station and leave the ship, as the Earth had not time to make the maneuver — it takes at least two hours, and a dangerous chip noticed later. Therefore, if the station receives a hole, we went to the ship. Fortunately, nothing happened – the chip we are not hurt, and waited some more, we returned to the ISS. But the amount of space debris will continue to grow due to the fact that high orbits are constantly down some debris, stage and boosters of the missiles, for example. Therefore, the plot of "Gr...


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