The first pregnancy test was strange but accurate


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The first pregnancy test was strange but accurate

Well, to be fair, we had a long way to the two strips. When a woman is on toilet seat with knees apart and hand tucked down, she often wonders: how did I get here? No, not because she pees on the stick — it usually knows why and how this happened is rather who and how came up with this process.

A pregnancy Test is a fascinating story in the history of mankind, almost inseparable marching side by side with the process of writing. Although most of the tests included zero scientific value or understanding of the human anatomy, some primitive pregnancy tests gave surprisingly accurate results.

Pregnancy Tests were carried out centuries with a wide range of approaches — from the ancient Egyptians, mocusite grain, to any Evitest, which is in any pharmacy. Let's go through the history of the pregnancy test. In the end, it is important and scientific, but what we here came?

According to the ancient records on papyrus, women of ancient Egypt urinated on the seeds of wheat and barley to determine the pregnancy status and gender of potential offspring. After a few days they looked, there sprouted beans. According to the ancient writings,

"If the barley seeds germinated or grew up, it means that a child is born male. If you bloomed and sprouted wheat, this means that in a few months, it's a girl. If the barley and the wheat had sprouted and rose, when a woman urinated on grain, this woman not pregnant, and therefore do not bear this time."

Writing for beans to determine pregnancy, it may seem ridiculous, but this method was surprisingly accurate. In 1963 scientists tested this medical folklore and came to the conclusion that it defines pregnancy with 70% accuracy. But if you talk about determining the sex of the child, the test with barley was useless.

the Egyptians were not the only one who used food for this purpose. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates claimed that it is possible to determine the pregnancy of a woman inserting her bow and leaving it on overnight. If the woman in the morning was onion breath, she was not pregnant.

The idea of the "onion test" was the fact that the presence of the embryo must stop the spread of certain odors through the body from the abdominal cavity. This erroneous theory was accepted as true in France until the 18th century.

1400-years of pregnancy tests are even less scientific. Here's another pregnancy test from the collection of folk medicine: women put the metal key into the bowl and pee on him. After the key is sinking, it is marinated for three hours. If after taking the key is still visible its outline, the woman is pregnant.

Of Course, this practice is not a reliable indicator of pregnancy, but is perfect for those who are interested in the acidity of his urine.

If you think you have a bad job, imagine that she is the scrupulous sniffing... urine. It was engaged in "prophets of urine" in Europe. These self-proclaimed experts studied urine of women on the subject of colors, shades and fragrances, which said there would be a child or not. These prophets believed that the urine of a pregnant woman should be clean and pale with some clouding at the surface.

Even more strange is that some of the prophets mixed urine with wine, to "read better". But this is, oddly enough, a sense, as alcohol reacts with certain proteins that are produced during pregnancy. Perhaps the chemical composition of the "urine-wine" gave additional information about the pregnancy.

as soon as developed and progressed medicine, the doctors tried to understand how pregnancy affects the female body. The French ophthalmologist Jacques Gilmo believed that it is possible to determine pregnancy, studying the woman's eyes.

Gilmo, author of the influential treatise on ophthalmology, claimed that on the second month, "a pregnant woman gets deep-set eyes with drooping eyelids and swollen little veins in the corners of the eyes." Although since then denied it, Gilmo guessed one thing: vision can change during pregnancy. For this reason, women keep on buying new eyeglasses or contact lenses during pregnancy.

Studies of births increased in the early 20th century, when scientists began to get acquainted with certain hormones found in pregnant women.

Doctors Bernard Zondek and Selmar Ascheim created one of the most terrifying tests of the time, watching the effect of the urine of pregnant women on female rabbits; when urine was introduced the bunnies, they have increased the ovaries. Much to the chagrin of Peter Cottontale, it has become a common procedure for the determination of pregnancy.

Soon scientists realized that animals that grow outside of his body, too, react on the urine of pregnant women. So they used South African frogs, to experience and to study the reaction of these species on HCG is a hormone that exists in pregnant women. If the frog is injected with urine and she laid eggs within the next 12 hours, the pregnancy test was positive.

The bodies of the dead frogs, the scientists pave the way for the study of human reproduction and the role of ovaries for twenty years.

In 1973, van Roy, Wade legalized abortion, and in 1977 came the first home pregnancy test. Only here's the RUB, it was complicated, like a medieval ritual of sacrifice. The test included a vial of purified water, an angled mirror, a test tube and red blood cells... taken from sheep. These tests were a real pain in... you know where, but it's better than to bring frogs in the sacrifice and torture of rabbits.

In 1978, women celebrated the emergence of a new product and its implications for feminism: "Home test for early pregnancy — a small, personal revolution, which every woman can easily buy at a pharmacy".

Of Course, women were not crazy enough to turn their bathrooms in the laboratory analysis of urine, therefore, innovations began to gradually change the testing process of pregnancy. Unilever introduced the first disposable pregnancy test in 1988. As those sticks that we use today, they soaked up the urine on one side and brought the good news to another.



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