One held a Hyperloop high-speed testing of the transport system of the future


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One held a Hyperloop high-speed testing of the transport system of the future

After more than one year of construction, preparations and carrying out low-speed test system Hyperloop finally starts to show what she is really capable of. Last weekend, the company held One Hyperloop test drive the prototype of the Hyperloop capsule, dissolve it in a closed 500-foot test site in the Nevada desert to 192 mph (309 km/h). The company declares that at the moment it is the high-speed test system Hyperloop, but that is not surprising, especially considering that Hyperloop is the only One company in the world to build a full-sized test system.

As stated in the company, almost airless environment of a closed pipe pressure was reduced to the pressure level at a height of 60 miles above sea level. The capsule itself, called the XP-1, glided above the track using magnetic levitation technology, minimizing the level of aerodynamic resistance. In theory this will allow you to accelerate to 1223 kilometers per hour. In his statement after the tests the head of Hyperloop One of shervin Pishevar noted the following:

"When you hear the sound Hyperloop, you hear the sound of the future".

The portal the Verge, in turn, compares the sound Hyperloop with the whining little dog on the ear. Or at least with low-power space fighter TIE Fighter from "Star wars".

The Inside of the pipe 8-foot capsule, similar to a futuristic bus and built of aluminium and carbon fibre, made using the multiwheel tractor. Before you put it in the tube, the Hyperloop team One has conducted a thorough check. Since the last tests of full-scale system in may, the company has advanced much further. The capsule is passed, or, better to say, paleothermal, 4.5 times more, developing at the same in 2.7 times greater speed and is by 3.5 times more power.

In may, on the test track, the prototype of the capsule reached the speed of 113 kilometers per hour. In a subsequent interview Josh Gegel, co-founder of Hyperloop One, noted that the company is "the time of transition to a new level." In both cases, the tests were conducted without the presence of the press. Apparently decided to play it safe and reduce until unwanted attention, especially after too overrated in the first test, which lasted only two seconds. It was held again in may, but last year. Then tests of the concept: engineers dispersed 680-pound trolley up to 160 km/h and stopped her with a pile of sand. After a few weeks with the scandal of the Hyperloop One was expelled at that time, its technical Director. Followed by several courts. The final trial was completed by year-end.

Since then, the Hyperloop One behaves more modest and more focused on achieving actual results that may be of interest to potential international partners. The company not only tries to convince everyone that the system really works, but does everything possible to reduce the degree of scepticism in relation to issues of cost and practicality, passenger and cargo traffic inside the vacuum pipe with the cruising speed of the Boeing 747.

In recent months, Pishevar and Gigel traveled worldwide, speaking about his idea of a supersonic transport government officials and private investors. Although the headquarters of the company is located in Los Angeles, and test track — in Nevada, Hyperloop One more focused on drawing attention to their system outside of the United States. And interestingly, stakeholders are already there. The company is conducting feasibility analysis and expertise in the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia and the UK. In addition, as potential sites for the construction of its ultra-fast, futuristic transport system company considered several regions in the United States.

However, before to make a revolution in the technologies of transport have to cope with so many pitfalls and problems. To build something new of this magnitude is always very expensive, long and difficult. In the end we are talking about a completely new technology that has no benefits for the development, construction and approval from official regulators, such as the railway sector, for example.

By the way, add that One Hyperloop is not the only company pursuing the goal of creating ultra speed transport system. Another American startup, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, also located in Los Angeles, though, and behaves until quieter water below the grass, but nevertheless States that have already started construction of the passenger system. Being a co-founder of Hyperloop One, but left the company Brogan Bebroken invested their money in creating new Hyperloop company Arrivo. And recently he mastermind Hyperloop Elon Musk, introduced the technology in 2013 and engaged in the moment, digging tunnels, stated that he had received "verbal approval" from the office of the President of the United States of trump's construction of an underground Hyperloop line between new York and Washington. That is, we in fact open a real race in the implementation of new technologies. Let will win the strongest and the fastest!


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