Game review Theseus: Groundhog day in ancient Greek


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Game review Theseus: Groundhog day in ancient Greek

Despite the fact that many predicted the imminent and inevitable destruction of the virtual reality for VR headsets with each passing day it becomes more and more. And it's not just five-minute demos that are played in shopping malls and parks as complete works of art . More and more large studios and publishers are becoming interested in this area of the gaming industry. And, increasingly, the really interesting and unusual projects. Today I would like to share with you my impressions of the game Theseus, released recently for the headset .

Game: Theseus
the Platform: PlayStation VR
the Genre: Adventure, Action, Horror
the release date: July 26, 2017
the Developer: Forge Reply
the Publisher: Forge Reply

The development of the game Theseus is an independent Italian Studio Forge Reply. In the industry it is still nothing noted, except that at the time, developed a role-playing game Lone Wolf based on the book series writer Joe Denver. Currently, the leadership of the Studio focused on new technologies, including virtual and augmented reality. That is why the game Theseus was the breakdown of the pen in absolutely new for developers environment. In the process of creating the game the Italians were inspired by the works of Japanese game designer Fumito Ueda (ICO, Shadow of Colossus, ). They even showed their offspring Ueda on one of the gaming trade show and listened to some of his sensible comments. Personally I thought there were here and without the influence of the legendary series of brutal slasher God of War.

The ancient Greek myth of Ariadne, Theseus and the Minotaur is probably known to many of you. A terrible monster-a Chimera with human body and bull's head has been born from the unnatural love between the wife of king Minos and a bull (which, likely, turned Zeus). The Minotaur was imprisoned in the labyrinth of Knossos, built by a brilliant engineer Daedalus. Fed the monster mostly criminals, and every nine years to him as the offerings were sent 7 girls and 7 boys. In one of these "sacrificial groups" and was Theseus. The young man in an unequal battle won the victory over the beast, and out of the Knossos labyrinth helped him a ball of thread given by Ariadne (it is, incidentally, the sister of the Minotaur). Moving on previously unwound in the endless corridors of thread, Theseus quickly found out.

In the game Theseus Greek myth has been interpreted somewhat differently. The player plays the role of Theseus, waking up on a strange altar in a dilapidated stone maze. His memory was blank as a clean slate. And only the distant echoing voice of Ariadne reminds the hero that together they try to defeat the monster of the Minotaur, whose real name is Asterius. The Minotaur in the game presented in the form of a gigantic monster, rising from a five-story building, which is devoid of vision and focuses only thanks to the sensitive hearing and sense of smell. Ariadne was trapped with the monster in one of the rooms of the maze and Theseus have to go through hell to save the girl. No clue at the same time he, of course, do not.

The Game is an action adventure with elements of horror. Initially, the protagonist is deprived of any way to stand up for themselves. He can only explore the dark, dark and full of scary noises labyrinth. Dilapidated giant columns and murals remind us of the once magnificent building, now residing in deplorable condition. Slowly Theseus return of the memories, and he realizes that trying to get out of this maze not for the first time. Each time dying at the hands of the Minotaur, his minions or just fell from a great height into the abyss, Theseus briefly finds himself in limbo, and then wakes up on a strange stone altar, vaguely remembering what happened to him. In this respect, the game resembles a famous film "Groundhog Day", only jokes and Comedy actor bill Murray is not even smell.

And Then the player will stumble on the dead body of Theseus, who had died during previous attempts to save Ariadne. Around them hovers a particle of the soul of the protagonist, which he must absorb. This is very important, as only with all of his previous body main character will be able to understand the truth of what is happening around him is a nightmare and to see the real ending of the game. This is not so difficult, just have to be more careful and to explore every corner of the gloomy catacombs. Sometimes the maze is trying to deceive the player, luring him into a strange door and trying to confuse with illusions. But Ariadne gives Theseus the clues leading him through the obstacles to the main goal.

The Game is very unusual in that uses the not in the first person, as is common in most VR games, and third. The camera is behind the right shoulder of the protagonist. If you look left or right, Theseus is also will turn his head in that direction. In some locations the camera is fixed at one point and shows the player the room height. Theseus at this time can move freely around the room, and the player just follows him, turning his head. The camera angles chosen very successfully, just like in the first games of the famous series of horror Silent Hill. To a similar visual trick to get used to, but any discomfort I personally, he did not cause. But thanks to this trick, the game completely lost the motion, typical of many VR projects.

At First I was very skeptical to such use of the camera in virtual reality, but eventually realized that this method has certain advantages. Immersion works much better than if we had all just seen on the TV screen. There is a depth of the precipices, over which tiny ledges trying to Theseus, you feel the space and distance to opponents during fights. Gradually forget you VR headset, and literally transported to ancient Greek myth. The atmosphere in this game is just excellent: it begins to envelop and absorb you from the first minute.

I really liked the moment when the main character had a torch in his hand trapped in a dark hallway full of giant arachnids, servants of the Minotaur. This scene reminded me of the movie "Alien" (1979), when in close the air ducts on the characters rushed xenomorph, and their lanterns were taken out of the darkness of his horrible face and claws. Arachnida just as well waiting for the main character in the dark, and he can only brush off with a torch, trying to scare them away and to have time to get to the site of the labyrinth, where light penetrates. This moment really scared me that in games happens not so often. Definitely, for just this scene we can safely buy a game.

The fights in the game are also present. But first the main character must find a magic sword. The arachnids sent by Asterian on the quest of Theseus, attack from two or three, so you have to show the wonders of resourcefulness and insure themselves a torch. If the time to wave it in front of the spider, you can set it on fire, and after that finish off with a blade. Battles in the game are not many, but they are all quite intense and force you to stretch in the string. The sword is also used as a lever to activate various mechanisms and open doors. If the torch main character periodically loses or leaves behind, the sword is always with him.

Visually, the game is made very qualitatively. The scenery, the effects, the small details that create the right atmosphere, great lighting – all the Italian artists made to last. To thank worth it and the graphics Engine Unreal Engine, which was created game. The characters are modeled and animated great. When you first see the giant Minotaur, you literally feel its power, feel the flow of air escaping from his nostrils and sweeping away everything in its path. When he hits his fist on the wall, shaking the entire maze and all sides begin to crumble stone fragments, and DualShock 4 gamepad is broken in the palms from the powerful vibrations.

In the game perfectly implemented a binaural 3D sound. If you have quality headphones or gaming headset, you will be just amazed at how wonderful it turned out and believable sound picture Theseus. The slightest rustle in the dark will not escape your ear. You will always know which side of the approaching danger, and have time to prepare. Very pleased with my in-game names of the trophies. They were all named after various phobias. For example, after defeating the giant spider you will get the trophy "Arachnophobia" (fear of spiders), having survived the attack of the Minotaur, earn achivki "Megalophobia" (fear of large objects), and if you burn the enemy with torch – will be the winner of the prize "Pyrophobia" (fear of fire).

For all its strengths, such as visual component and enveloping atmosphere, the game Theseus sorely lacking duration. It can take an hour and a half. If you are going to reveal all the secrets of the labyrinth, you can leave it 3-4 hours. But this is still very small. Unfortunately, games for VR try to do a small duration and this for several reasons. First, the long play in the headset virtual reality is contraindicated. Secondly, as it is still experimental direction the gaming industry, studios are afraid to invest tens of millions of dollars in the long VR game, bright features of the new platform and gaining experience. Well, at least that in the PS store the game is 1399 rubles (1259 rubles for subscribers of the service PS Plus), and is much less than the cost of a full AAA project.




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