"Captains: Legends of the Oceans" — not Jack Sparrow one!


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If you are an active mobile gamer, you are probably used to the fact that every year there is a new product that catches your attention for a few weeks or even months and let go only when all the required missions have been completed. The strongest addiction is such a genre as a strategy, since the passage of the missions in these games takes more time and when you look up from your smartphone or tablet, you realize that only recently appeared on the horizon the sun was preparing for sunset. One of the most interesting contenders for your attention in 2017 promises to be a online strategy for Android "Captains: Legends of the Oceans".

As the name implies, in this game you have to try on the hat and smell the sea lapping on the side of the pirate Corvette. In the study, we are most interested in with what painstaking care, the authors came to the historical aspect. Apparently, it was read not one book about what lived pirates of the 15th century.

"the Captains" is not a game where you have rabid swiping on the screen to beat the enemy's fighting techniques. Here is all about your intelligence, foresight and ability to assess their capabilities — not for nothing that the genre is called strategy. Before every naval battle you need to understand what enemy you have to fight and what warships against him to expose.

At the same time the high status of the ships and the skill level of the crew does not guarantee victory: in the character selection you need to consider all accessible to your understanding of the factors. Then the enemy ship, gurgling, going to the bottom, and you'll get further to its goal.

Of Course, to maintain the morale of its fleet, the latter must be maintained in proper condition. Fighters need to train, and ships — upgrade, sometimes buying a new one. All this can be done through in-game currency that is either earned from wins, or purchased for real money.

But if you treat the game very seriously and are configured to become a true master of the seas, you must understand that is not a warrior. It is therefore recommended to cooperate with its neighbors according to the game server, and guilds. Only battles side by side with friends will help you to become a formidable pirate Empire, suggestive fear in the surrounding seas and oceans.

By the Way, present in the game and trading item. Swim all the famous and popular routes of the middle ages and with the support of the greatest navigators and merchants of all times and peoples, you can earn even more currency and more effectively support the combat capability of its fleet.

We should also mention the quality of drawing and beautiful graphics in the game. However, as we managed to notice the abundance of detail is not particularly strong biting computational resource: the game is excellent even on older devices. Our only comment would be that there is only portrait mode, whereas for a mobile strategy and asks landscape orientation.

Well, the nice thing is that the game "Captains: Legends of the Oceans" is free, and to play it without bailouts is really possible. I hope this summer will be held under the sign of this great online strategy which can be downloaded via the links below.

Download "Masters: Legends of the Oceans" for iOS

Download "Masters: Legends of the Oceans" for Android.



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