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Project Ara

Not only is Google the most popular search engine and the company that develops the most common mobile OS — Android. Her soup — Nexus and Pixel — well-known users. Among the projects the company was such that, if realized, could completely change the idea of the smartphone. And, perhaps, that Facebook will bring a new form factor in reality.

Facebook, it seems, is working on what has previously worked with Google — on a new form-factor consumer device. More information on this interesting topic and its prospects were reviewed by Alex Heath (Alex Heath) on the resource Business Insider India. Published July 20, 2017 , which can be equipped with a speaker, microphone, GPS and even function as a phone.

Modular consumer device will allow users to connect to the device's various components, just as is done in the constructor. Details will be able to connect and disconnect.

The Theme of modular smartphone has long been seen in the industry. For example, Google spent a few years developing ambitious modular smartphone under its Project Ara. In the past year work on the project , and users can only speculate as implemented in the framework of this project the smartphone.

Coincidentally, many of the key members of the team Google Project Ara are now working in the Facebook group Building 8, the team, which is a new patent application. However, although the patent application says that the work on the modular device continues and the topic does not become yet another unreleased pages of the history of the industry, it does not mean that this device will see the light. And, of course, it is not about the continuation of the Project Ara from Google, and, quite possibly, about a completely different concept, but based on the same key idea of modularity of the consumer device.

Building 8 is the laboratory Facebook, developing is designed for consumer hardware, and is also working on such futuristic projects as the opportunity for the input of the power of thought and understanding of the language through the skin. Four members listed as co-authors of the patent application, previously worked in the Nascent Objects, a startup, which Facebook bought last year. This startup uses 3D printing for rapid prototyping of modular gadgets.

To date, it remains unclear what will be used by the new modular device, although as reported, "close to the subject people," talked about the fact that Building 8 has concentrated its efforts on the development of advanced camera technology and machine learning. Meanwhile, the representative of Facebook, which asked, did not comment on the subject.

Probably, the new modular device can function either as a phone or like a musical column Amazon Alexa, which follows from the description of the patent. It is also noted that we are talking about "millions of devices" connected to the server, which can be based on different software and based on the connected and disconnected components. Head of Building 8 on the submission of new products Bernard Richardson (Bernard Richardson), as reported previously worked on a similar topic in the Amazon as part of the development of the Alexa column.

A patent application Facebook also included a sketch of the mysterious concept of the product.

It Should be noted that in the history of the most famous social networks have already been attempts to create a smartphone. In 2013, Facebook together with HTC was working on the invention of the telephone, but the project was not successful. Among the talents working in Building 8, — former employees of such famous companies like Apple, Google and Motorola, that is, companies with experience in the development and supply of millions of phones and tablets. This division also includes a team dealing with retail and e-Commerce for sales of those gadgets that are created with the command.

In the end, neither Facebook presented of the development of Building 8, the company seems to consider a modular system as more suitable for modern users than devices in a form factor similar to the iPhone, which are manufactured and sold today.

As noted in the patent application, which was originally formed in January 2016, is usually a hardware components of modern devices that are already considered "obsolete", still good enough and could be used further. But they can't be used, since the design of consumer electronics is not intended to replace a significant part of the components. Thus, the "life cycle" of conventional electronics is costly and wasteful.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of modular smartphones?


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