Dreams of galactic online: to be or not to be?


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Dreams of galactic online: to be or not to be?

It would Seem that there in the toilet is sometimes difficult to achieve a sufficiently strong Wi-Fi signal, so what can we say about the scale of the cosmos – a whole different level! GALACTIC. Sorry for such a blatant example, but it is what it is. And now more seriously. According to one expert, the creation of the galactic Internet in the milky Way can take up to 300,000 years. Of course, fiber-optic cables from planet to planet, no one to lay. Instead of sending a signal into deep space we can use the flash light of the Sun, says one of the latest proposals.

Duncan Forgan of St. Andrews University did some mathematical calculations and created a model of a hypothetical galactic Internet. It is based on using lasers that when sending ground installations will interact with the sun's rays and using them to convey messages beyond the Solar system.

If we assume that in the milky Way there are 500 of the technologically advanced civilizations that will not mind to exchange a few words among themselves, the creation of a galactic communication system will take around 300,000 years, says Forgan.

"If you want to chat with someone who is on the other side of the galactic center, then you will have to find a way to pass the signal through various obstacles, which on his way to meet a lot of: dust, gas, stars, black holes and much more. So you may need a lot of time to create an effective networking" — Forgan said in an interview with New Scientist.

However, according to the proposed method, even if we will be in the not quite a suitable place for receiving signals from a particular planet, we will still be able to send us messages through other systems.

Using the feature with which the planets revolve around their stars (by blocking part of their light for the rest of space), we can create a network with regular sending of signals. Interestingly, we have telescopes such as Kepler, watching the planets at the moment when they pass in front of my stars. In other words, the mechanism of tracking the signals of more-or-less already known to us. In addition, when using this approach to solve the problem of the necessary power supply, since such a network would use the energy of the stars themselves.

As for the use of laser pulses to modulate the rays of sunlight, the concept of such a system was proposed last year by scientists at Columbia University. It is noteworthy that it can be used not only for sending messages into deep space, but also in order to conceal the presence of the planet in the Solar system, for which she was created. Its operating principle is simple. In the direction of the potential threat (the planet on which, according to our conjectures, can live evil aliens) will trigger the laser pulse at exactly the moment when the Earth would pass by and intersect with a direct line of supervision of this planet. A laser pulse of a certain frequency will compensate for the level of transit dimming of a star, making the planet virtually invisible to other civilizations.

Still, it should be understood that proposed by Forgan computer models are approximate, require serious revision and analysis by other experts in the appropriate direction and scope.

Yes, and the Forgan admits that his work is not taken into account some aspects. For example, the displacement of the planetary orbits over time. In addition, to create a galactic network at least in the proposed time frame will require the efforts of hundreds, and possibly thousands of alien civilizations. But we have yet to find even one.

But, despite these limitations, the proposed idea looks very interesting from the point of view of one of the technology options for galactic communication. In any case, the work will require unprecedented effort and lots and lots of time, so perhaps it's more prudent to prepare messages for the potential inhabitants of the alpha Centauri system that we are going (or at least really want) to see in this century.

You Should also add that other experts are not quite sure that the proposed system can ever make, especially if there will be a need to use other planets as a kind of hub for signal transmission. Even taking into account our future technological development. Too ambitious, expensive and long.

"When a civilization becomes so advanced in terms of technology that will have the capabilities of building space megastruktur, it is more likely and more simple option is more likely to change their place of residence. That is the planet" — says AVI Loeb of Harvard University.

"For a signal transmission may take thousands of years. On a cosmic scale, it might not be a lot. But personally, you have to be very great patience."

Given the huge distances, cannot fail to be impressed by the fact that we generally receive signals from probes and Rovers sent to a distant planet. Scientists and engineers continue, and will continue to work to improve our interplanetary communication capabilities. It is possible that the variant proposed by Forgan, too, over time, can add to the Treasury of the technologies, allowing to expand our future (in theory) space expansion. But, perhaps, the only thing you can start dreaming now, is that within the next 300 millennia still be able to get rid of the problem too, if not galactic, but at least planetary, earth spam in email messages.



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