Game review Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane


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Game review Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane

Bright blue sonic the hedgehog, many associated with SEGA. Plumber Mario — with Nintendo. And with game consoles of the Japanese company Sony has always been associated redhead naughty Bandicoot named Crash. In the mid-90s game Crash Bandicoot was one of systemseller Sony PlayStations and marked the beginning of a whole new franchise. In a game played by all, without exception, small and large, because to break away from him was extremely difficult. Twenty years later, publisher Activision has decided to please fans of the series, releasing a collection consisting of remakes of the original trilogy of games called Crash Bandicoot Trilogy N. Sane. I couldn't stay away from such a momentous event, so now will tell you in detail about this collection.

Traditional for my related historical information. In 1984 two friends Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin founded the Studio Jam Software. A couple of enthusiasts resembled the legendary Duo of jobs and Wozniak as they too, began to work in his garage. It is symbolic that the first three game of a young Studio it was released on the Apple II. But that's the glory of the developers of these projects have not brought. In 1989, the companions decided to start with a clean slate, renamed the Studio in Naughty Dog and discovered a new gaming platform. So the great game Rings of Power for Sega Mega Drive, and an unusual fighting game Way of the Warrior for 3DO. But the finest hour of the Studio came a little later, at the time of release of the platformer Crash Bandicoot for Sony PlayStation.

The First game of the series was originally called "Willie the Wombat", and between the developers jokingly called it the "Sonic's Ass" as the main character the player is mostly seen from the back. Sony character is a wombat did not like. So the artist Naughty Dog Charles Zembillas proposed to use as a protagonist from another Australian animal — Bandicoot. And when Andy Rubin came up with the game mechanics with breaking boxes, where the name of the main character – Crash ("crash" — to destroy). In early 1996, the project successfully renamed Crash Bandicoot, and in the summer it went on sale as an exclusive console, Sony PlayStation. The game was a resounding success and after a few months, the developers began to create the sequel Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. The sequel was released in 1997 and again won the admiration of critics and players. The third part of the adventures of crash with the subtitle Warped came to light a year later. In 1999, the Studio Naughty Dog releases the racing game Crash Team Racing characters, then announces that departs from further work on the franchise.

In 2001, Naughty Dog takes on the Sony, so all their subsequent games including Jak and Daxter platforming, action adventure and drama , came out exclusively for consoles family PlayStation. The rights to the franchise about Crash Bandicoot remained with the publisher Vivendi Games (which included Universal Interactive Studios, who published the original game). In 2008, Vivendi merged with Activision the rights to Crash Bandicoot have moved on to new owners. Many mistakenly believed that the rights to the series belong to Naughty Dog or Sony, but it's not. The fate of the new games about Crash depended and depends to this day exclusively from the management of Activision. After departing from Naughty Dog's series, the new game franchise began churning out several studios, including Eurocom, Traveller's Tale, Dimps, Radical Entertainment and Vicarious Visions. Expect nothing good from this series and gradually came to naught. Once again talking about her only last year, when the Sony conference in the framework of the exhibition E3, was announced a collection of remakes of the original trilogy, which is a temporary exclusive PlayStation 4.

The Collection went on sale June 30, 2017. For the development of remakes of responsible American Studio Vicarious Visions. Once these developers famous for the great games for the handheld consoles the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. At one time they even released a few games in the series Crash Bandicoot, which was welcomed by the fans warm enough. Most likely, that is why Activision have entrusted the work on the remakes of this team. All three of the original game was meticulously moved to its own game engine Studio Vicarious Visions Alchemy, which for this case has been seriously upgraded in all respects. The game's graphics were completely redrawn from scratch. Each three-dimensional model, each object, each texture – all these artists created anew according to the original designs with great love and attention to games of the 90s. the game has improved lighting and visual effects were revised using modern graphic technologies. Owners of the PlayStation Pro will be able to enjoy all this splendor at 4K resolution and HDR color. Before us is exemplary remake, and not some pathetic HD remaster, which is now a dime a dozen.

Should tell a Bit about each of the three games. The events of Crash Bandicoot takes place on the Islands Vumpa located somewhere near Australia. The mad doctor Neo Cortex is experimenting on Australian animals trying to give them human traits and create personal army of super-soldiers. Experimental Bandicoot was to be the General of the mutant army, but the experiment fails and instead gain the skills of warfare, Crash is deprived of the remnants of the brain, but becomes extremely agile and strong. Genetically modified beast escapes from the lab, jumping out of the window. In the thrall of the Cortex remains a girl-Bandicoot named Tawna to which the main character is strongly attached. Now he has to return to his beloved and to deal with their abuser.

The gameplay is simple and intuitive. Crash or running through the level into the screen, either running directly on the player, or we see everything in profile, as in the classic two-dimensional platformer. Levels scattered multicolored vumpa-fruit (collecting 100 pieces, the player gets an extra life), and also different boxes that Crash can break by jumping on them or spinning around its axis, carrying everything he touches. The boxes are of several types. For example, if on the box the arrow is drawn up, then it will crash flip high in the air, but if it says TNT, then after the main character jumps on him, starts a countdown to explosion. The letter "C" means that the box is a checkpoint, but the exclamation mark hints at the fact that the box is an activator for some hidden mechanism. The boxes are the basis of the game mechanics almost all parts of the series. If you break all the boxes on the level, in the end you will be awarded a hefty gemstone. Collecting gems in all the levels, you will unlock a hidden ending of the game, which, as a rule, much more interesting than usual.

In Addition to breaking boxes, Crash have to fight with different enemies and bosses to escape from the giant stone balls, just like in the movie about Indiana Jones, racing in the wild boar and much, much more. While traveling to the Islands Vumpa Bandicoot helps the spirit of an ancient shaman aku Aku, enclosed in a colorful wooden mask. He scattered copies of the mask for all the levels to the main character it was easier to cope with obstacles in its path. If one such mask allows you to survive a collision with the enemy, three masks at the time of the crash, make invulnerable, like a bonus "star" from Super Mario Bros. The game style is referred to Rapa Nui mythology and folklore of the inhabitants of Easter island. Periodically you will come across portraits of the girlfriends of the crash, as well as on the image of the face of Dr. Cortex. Collecting three of these subject, you will unlock access to the bonus level. In the bonus levels. you can get the keys that open access to secret levels of the game, cleverly hidden from the players.

The events of the second game Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back begins a year after the Crash prevented the insidious plans of Dr. Cortex. Of course, the doctor is alive and well, and even asks crash to help him save the world. This is an urgent need to collect the scattered Islands Vumpa purple energy crystals. Gullible Bandicoot unaware that crystals of the desired antagonist only in order to collect "the doomsday Machine", so he agrees to help. Keeping the original mechanics from the first part, the game offers us a completely new enemies and interesting bosses. Crash learned to slide on the ground while running, dodging this way from the dangers and a little faster. For the first time players will be able to test the water skate, and replaced the cross-country wild boar came little polar bear. From the completely new mechanics include the ability to crash to hide from enemies in the mud on some levels, and fly in zero gravity with his jetpack.

The Third game Crash Bandicoot: Warped invites us to travel in time after the elusive Dr. Cortex. But now we have not one, but two of the antagonist, because the bowels of the earth escaped the evil brother of the shaman aku Aku by the name of Uka Uka. The game became even brighter and more diverse. The developers will allow us to visit medieval castles, as well as to arrange check in at the great wall of China, riding on a tiger. You will be able to explore the catacombs inside the Egyptian pyramids and even run a race with the Triceratops at the prehistoric jungle. For the first time the game features underwater levels. On some levels, Crash can now move around the ceiling, hanging on his hands. In addition, in the game you happen to ride a bike on a busy road, to fly on an airplane and even a spaceship.

From the main menu you can choose what game you start playing. The system saves now universal and tracks your progress in all three parts of adventures...


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