The Windows 10 UI Cloud can be very similar to Windows 10 screenshots


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The Windows 10 UI Cloud can be very similar to Windows 10 screenshots

Just a few days after reports that Microsoft plans to release an operating system that could become a competitor to Chrome OS, the network appeared the first screenshots, which allegedly shows the new operating system. It is reported that Windows 10 will be a Cloud lighter version of the main Microsoft operating system. Cloud Windows may be focused on the use of low-cost computers for education and business.

Looking at these published resource Windows Blog Italia screenshots immediately gives the impression of the absence of any significantly noticeable differences between the yet to be presented to operating system the Cloud and existing standard version of Windows 10.

The Resource ZDNet additionally, it is reported that Windows 10 Cloud will allow you to only run universal apps (Universal) from the Windows Store. This means that to make the visual changes in its interface there is no need.

The Name of the operating system indicates that we are talking about cloud operating system. But reportedly it would be on something like Windows RT or Windows 8.1 with Bing. About more simple and cheap version of the operating system, which could attract users who are looking towards computers Chromebook.

It Seems that "cloud" in it will not so much. Maybe the name is determined by priority of cloud computing ("cloud first") for the software giant? Maybe it's just an indication that the new operating system will be an alternative to Chrome OS? Or Microsoft is going to base its new operating system, machine learning and Cortana?

Currently Microsoft did not disclose any details on this topic, and therefore there is no certainty that something be shown and written online about the new OS to the reality. In order to try to get an idea about what the software giant might prepare for users at this time, it is necessary to recall the recent history of those Windows operating systems, which can be very similar to Windows 10 Cloud.

Edition of Windows 8.1 with Bing was predustanavlivat on the device vendors and were not available for purchase by consumers. In it, Bing was set as the default search tool. Users could set another search engine as the main one. PC makers received from Microsoft this version of Windows 8.1 or free of charge or at a significantly reduced price.

Windows RT — version Windows 10, under which the worked Surface RT, Surface 2, and a number of Windows PC's and ARM tablets, and other devices from third-party vendors. It is possible to install only apps that are created specifically for RT, that is, not all apps Universal for Windows. These apps were only available in the Windows Store.

To date, it remains unknown when Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 Cloud, but given the fact that there were screenshots showing the full interface of the operating system, we can assume that the "cloud" version of the most popular platform for PC will be out in April 2017, simultaneously with the Creators update Update to Windows 10.

What OS a low-cost computer, given the choice, would prefer users — Chrome OS or a "Lite" version of the familiar Windows 10?

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