Apple secretly developing a sensor for non-invasive monitoring of blood sugar levels


2017-04-15 12:30:04




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Apple secretly developing a sensor for non-invasive monitoring of blood sugar levels Source:

All the major companies that keep their developments a closely guarded secret, so the first to bring to market products that have no analogues. But numerous «network detectives» and then give us interesting food for thought. That Agency CNBC, citing its own sources, reports that Apple has been several years in the utmost secrecy is developing a sensor capable of non-invasive (that is, without injury to the skin) method to control the level of blood sugar.

As CNBC reports, work has been going on for more than five years, and responsible for the development of a team of 30 bioengineers. Many companies tried to create similar technology, but they failed in this endeavor miserably. Interest in this case is not the fact survey, and the fact that, according to the sources, the experts of the company Apple is already preparing documents to register the device. This means that «Apple» the company has managed to do what no one managed before: to assemble a working sensor for taking insulin samples, without damaging the skin. If the rumor proves true, the creation of this type of device will be a real breakthrough, because constant monitoring of blood sugar levels will more adequately build treatment and prophylaxis of diabetes.

Refreshing in the memory range of devices from Apple, it is easy to guess that in that case, if the rumor proves true, the main candidates for the infrastructure of innovative sensor will be the Apple Watch. And if you remember other well-known patents of the company, future iterations of hours from the team of Tim cook can be truly revolutionary: for example, in addition to the innovative sensor for determining sugar levels, it is possible to use screen that can recognize fingerprints. Or the installation in display devices of the special solar panels. Besides, who knows what else your hiding from us Californians?


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