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The release of the new game console is not far off, and we will tell our readers all about it as soon as it will appear in our hands after 3 March. Meanwhile you can see the specifications of a future console that focused on those scraps of information that is already in our possession. This was possible thanks to the recent leak in the Network of official technical documents as well as pictures of the disassembled console, which was published by the employees of a Chinese company engaged in the manufacture of spare parts.

Let's Start with the part of the console, which now worries many potential buyers the most. And no, it's not the CPU, not GPU, and battery. Yes, Nintendo openly stated that the console will run in portable mode from 3 to 6 hours depending on load and particular games. Well, our Western colleagues have already tested this claim and came to the conclusion that Nintendo is not deceiving us. Console really worked for about 3 hours with maximum screen brightness in the game in a new part of The Legend of Zelda. This is a great result, and the secret of success lies in the battery capacity of 4310 mAh. You can see in the pictures that the battery takes up almost half the space inside the housing of the tablet consoles. Specialists Digital Foundry on this picture suggested that the replacement of such a battery at home will be quite simple, however, Nintendo insists that this should be done only in specialized service centers.

As for the CPU, the choice of engineers Nintendo this time fell on NVIDIA. Heart Nintendo Switch was a modified (!!!) processor Tegra X1 Quad core ARM Cortex A57, made on 20-nanometer technical process and at moments of peak load consumes 16 watts. 64-bit processor is equipped with an active cooling system, two megabytes of L2 cache and operates at a frequency of 1020 MHz. Experts say an unusual fact: despite the fact that the processor was manufactured on 20-nanometer technology, its dimensions are comparable with the new NVIDIA chips have already been created on 16-nanometer technology. As the manufacturer was able to reduce the physical size of the chip is not yet entirely clear.

The Graphics system built into the SoC, based on second generation Maxwell architecture and has 256 GPU cores CUDA. GPU can operate in three modes: with a frequency of 307,2 MHz, 384 MHz and 768 MHz. The maximum frequency 768 MHz available only during operation of the console in a stationary mode while it is installed in the docking station. In portable mode, the graphics system Nintendo Switch is able to work only at two low frequencies (frequency selection remains with the developer of a particular game). It turns out that in the mobile version of the game give only 720p, and, when connected to the TV is able to display a picture in 1080p.

If you believe the documentation, which was leaked earlier, the CPU of the console is able to accelerate to almost 2 GHz, and the GPU up to 1 GHz. But, most likely, engineers Nintendo blocked the maximum frequency to prevent excessive overheating of iron. It is important to remember that this is the first ever hybrid console that is capable of being both stationary and portable. And in mobile mode it is essential to strike a balance between power consumption and performance, and therefore had to make some compromises in terms of iron.

The Console has 4 GB of RAM, which also works in two modes. In portable mode, it has at frequency 1331,2 MHz, and in stationary — can accelerate to 1600 MHz (but only if required by the particular game). The bandwidth of RAM is 25.6 GB/s. Memory type LPDDR4, if you believe the Chinese photos have been produced in factories Samsung. Separate video memory have no console, and the GPU selects the volume from the common pool. The console also includes 32 GB eMMC NAND for data storage, about 6 GB of which is the proprietary operating system developed by Nintendo. The memory has a capacity of 400 MB/s.

You can at any time to expand available memory of the console by purchasing a microSD card amount to 2TB, however, today in stores you can only find 128 and 256 GB cards (there is also super-expensive 512 GB, but personally I while such did not meet), so Nintendo must have done a "knight's move" future-proofed. In General, given the fact that modern games «weigh» very well, the purchase of additional memory card is a priority for any owner of a Nintendo console Switch.

Built-in screen with IPS-matrix 6.2 inch has a resolution of 1280 x 720 of pixels, and the touch layer with the same resolution. In contrast to the screen of the gaming Wii U controller, now we are not dealing with a resistive and a capacitive sensor that supports up to ten simultaneous keystrokes. On the screen of the TV console is able to output images in a resolution of 1080p with a frequency of 60 frames per second. The console also provides 24-bit 7.1 sound and is equipped with two built-in speakers.

Experts from Digital Foundry agree that we have before us the most powerful portable gaming console to date. It a balance, allowing virtually painless and instantly switch from stationary mode to mobile mode, so the user can continue to play your favorite hits anytime, anywhere. It remains to wait for the official release of the Nintendo Switch, which will be held March 3, and make sure of all this from personal experience. Stay with us and we will tell you about everything in great detail.



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