Hi-tech knitting, or How to tie their exoskeleton


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Hi-tech knitting, or How to tie their exoskeleton

It Seems that creating super cool clothing will be one of the main trends in the fashion industry in the near future. Recently we reported about that, as did the even more interesting information. A group of researchers from Sweden have created a canvas for knitting, consisting of conductive yarns. Actually now bought a few skeins of these threads, anyone with the appropriate skills will be able to tie their exoskeleton.

Interesting About the invention according to the editors of the journal Science Advances. As the article States, the Swedes have already made a few samples «smart» tissue. The underlying strands of cellulose fiber coated with a compound called polipropilen — it is a polymer whose molecules are rotated and stretched under the action of an electric field. Created with this fabric clothes even managed to manipulate: scientists can easily control the movement of objects on which is put on a product. In addition to «wool» material specialists made on the same technology and conventional textiles. Of both materials sewed the sleeve when putting on the artificial hand could lift a weight more than 2 grams.

To increase the lift force the developers plan in the future to add to the mixture of polymer, metal and carbon fiber that can be repeatedly increase the strength of knitted exoskeleton. Unlike other available materials for exoskeletons, cloth knitting looks and feels more natural, and for its production does not need to collect special workshops: to organize the production «smart» the fabric can be within any textile company. The developers believe that the products of these fabrics can be a good method of rehabilitation for people experiencing difficulties with movement due to injuries and various degenerative diseases.


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