Skam year: Chinese project with the fake team has raised over $ 20 million


2019-03-01 17:15:09




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According to the journalists Coindesk, Chinese CryptoStream BHB has managed to collect $ 20 million in the apparent falsification of data about your team. The project is supposed to be the new solution based on p2p-landing. Local media had published about the fraudulent scheme within BHB.

The team of startup developers «entered» two University professors, who now reject any connection with the said project. They and several experts noted under fake names on the start page of BHB.


a day without a Scam

Online scams are a financial engineer Bobby white, blockchain expert David Chen and designer Gregory moss. However, the picture of the white really belongs quite real Alexander white, Professor of Tsinghua University in China. One Gregory moss really exists, but he only teaches philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and has nothing to do with Baccano.

In response to a formal request Coindesk both denied their participation in development.

Any use of my photos for such purposes (including the name «Bobby white») is a fraud.

Professor moss believes «very difficult» such a gesture on the part of the representatives of the BHB. The real identity of David Chan to install and failed.

In Addition to the obvious fake personalities, scammers also indicated a non-existent address and a fake phone field in contacts. The team is allegedly based in new York city on the street 22/121 Apple Street, but this place isn't even on the map.

Source: Coindesk

It's Amazing how such an obvious Scam could collect as much as $ 20 million. Model release token BHB, too, is the complete opposite of decentralization. Investors can only buy tokens for or in OTC transactions.

Experience of investment in bad projects on the condition of anonymity to share .


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