ICO-projects ceased to sell Ethereum. The volume has decreased to 30 thousand per month ETH


2019-02-25 15:00:10




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According to blockchain data from Santiment for the last 30 days sold only 30 thousand . Earlier the same esters sold daily. This is the lowest figure since last year. Most of the coins sold the company Bancor — 8.5 thousand. Followed SinguralDTV, which managed to sell 4 thousand ETH. And yet most companies prefer to save their money and not to sell them, as he did last year.

Quite recently — in November and December — was sold about 750 thousand ETH. Sales on some days reached 45 thousand. Surprisingly now the trend has changed significantly. At the moment, at the disposal of 2.7 million. While in the past this figure has remained stable due to the market entry of new projects, now the amount has declined.

Sale ETH ICO-projects, February 2019. Source: Santiment.


Why the ICO ceased to sell ETH

Difficult to name a definite cause. There is a suspicion that the previous sales have been associated with the diversification of companies. Now that most of the projects have provided a Fiat money, the need for the sales of the crypts is missing. Another reason may lie in the sudden jump of the stock market, in which many coins gained more than 10 percent. There is a suggestion that some of the projects lay the cryptocurrency, not sell them.

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Recall, the Foundation gave developers the opportunity to get paid in DAI. It is likely that these tokens are secured. Instead of direct sale projects lay ETH and get about 1/3 of collateral in the dollar value of the tokens DAI. For example, recently received $ 2 million bail with the help of ETH .

The More data you look at . The current rate of coins can be found in our classroom .


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