Represented wind turbine generator Tyer Wind, the blades of which move like the wings of birds in flight


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Electricity Generators produced with the help of wind, have already come into use, and when changing the internal device makes it possible to remove the energy loss, one thing has remained constant: appearance, arranged like a windmill. But nothing lasts forever, and engineers are always ready to invent something new. So, a Tunisian company, Tyer Wind recently presented the same generator, which is the rotation of the blades «waving» them like wings.

The development of wind turbine generator is a new type of engineer Anis Aouini, who drew his inspiration from nature, namely, he drew attention to the Hummingbird, which is capable of «hanging» at one place for a long time. Having studied the operating principles of wings and the trajectory of the tiny birds, the Anis Aouini developed the design of high-performance generator, which is able to convert the linear motion of wind into the rotation transmitted to the shaft of the generator. Each «wing» Tyer Wind have a length of 1.6 meters and made of carbon fiber. The overall scale «wings» along with the design is 3.56 meter, and is thus Tyer Wind takes much less space than a traditional wind turbine designs with comparable power of 1 kilowatt.

working model of wind generator Tyer Wind

Unlike vane of the generator, Tyer, Wind poses no threat to flying birds, and its design allows the increase in size and capacity to the level necessary to combine the generators into a single network, which can be placed on land and even at sea. Currently the researchers are conducting extensive testing of new technologies, bringing to mind all technical characteristics, including the aerodynamic behavior of «wings» and regulating the output power. The output of the generator is scheduled to hit the market in the beginning or middle of 2018. In addition, the company's plans also include creating small samples of the generator for personal use.



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