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2017-02-27 10:30:05




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Virtual reality has divided the world in two. The first team included skeptics who do not believe in the success of new technology and predict her sad fate in the coming years, and the second command, on the contrary, believes in a bright future for VR and that one day virtual reality will be available to everyone. Personally, I consider myself the latter and I see in VR has huge potential. However, as it turned out, the success of the venture did not really believe even the producers of the top-end VR headsets.

In his recent interview with New York Times President and chief Executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew house, answering questions of journalists, for the first time revealed data about sales headset . Previously, the company Sony has not released this information, apparently believing that while bragging nothing special. Unexpectedly, it was found that the situation for the Japanese technology giant is turning out even better than expected. So, four months have passed since the start of sales worldwide were sold 915,000 devices.

Here we should mention that Sony could sell markedly larger number set, if she is allowed production capacity. In many countries there is still an acute shortage of PlayStation VR in stores. And the company's management understands that you need something to do. Andrew house assured reporters that the situation should change by the beginning of April this year, and Sony is now actively ramping up production at its new plants.

"In Japan we are seeing the sad situation, when people line up in huge queues in front of shops, having heard that there are about to bring a new batch of devices" — outlined to the house the situation in the Country of the rising sun, where he lives and works in the moment.

It was also Found that the management of the Japanese company very carefully watched for the future of this technology, trying not to fall victim to excessive optimism. Analysts predicted a VR headset of 1 million boxes sold only to mid-April (six months after the beginning of sales), but as we can see, sales are even a little ahead of schedule, and the mark of 1 million will be overcome much earlier. Given that PlayStation 4 is selling like hotcakes, this will lead to a very wide audience of users.


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