Company Micro Mote has created the world's smallest computer


2017-02-14 20:00:04




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The Company Micro Mote has presented a working model of a computer with a volume of 1 cubic millimeter, and computing power that «toddler» enough to become a processing center a variety of devices from small cameras to medical devices and other miniature technology is increasingly popular for the Internet of things.

Now the cameras, microphones and other devices have more sensors and sensors that required quite high computational power. This is due to the fact that the processors of the devices are simply unable to complete the processing and analysis of the huge flow of data generated, therefore, often work in conjunction with conventional computers. To solve this drawback and created a miniature Micromote.

In Addition to small size, Micromote and consume very little energy. For example, to recognize the sound of a passing car, measuring air temperature, light levels Micromote requires only a few nano-watts of energy, and the compact transmitter provides a transmission distance up to 20 meters. But that's not all: in the line of computers Micromote have a model with a processor provided with a function machine learning on the basis of a simple neural network. Using this model it is possible to create a system, efficiently performing the tasks of speech recognition and visual images. To power Micromote is used solar battery, capable of charging the battery of the device even due to small light intensity. A fairly even level of lighting that is present in the most ordinary room. Well, in order to learn more about the device Micromote you can watch a couple of videos below.



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