#video | MGCOOL Explorer — is it possible to make a good video cheap?


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#video | MGCOOL Explorer — is it possible to make a good video cheap? Source:

We All know that in order to capture high-quality video, you need a good camera or a good smartphone. The cameras are simpler, and they are also able to shoot video, and sometimes even in 4K. But whether it's the video good quality?

I have removed your videos from GoPro. Started with the HERO 3 when it was relevant, and last year bought a Session from the fourth of the family. Still use them and don't plan to go into fifth, because me and these two are satisfied. Seeing the camera for 2000 rubles, it was difficult to resist the temptation to compare its picture quality with the GoPro, which is several times more expensive, but on paper have the same characteristics.

I'm not expecting miracles and more than confident that they will not, but interesting to try. Although for the beginning it would be better to talk about the appearance of the camera, its features, packaging and other minor issues.

Despite the low price, the camera is equipped with a display, though its quality is predictably poor. This two inch TFT with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. To his left two indicator showing power and working wifi. Left on the side connectors and a slot for a memory card. The front power button that performs the navigation function when the camera is turned on. Right buttons menu navigation and zoom, here too there (of course, digital). Top button start recording, which is also the button «OK» navigation menu. The battery on the bottom. Pulled out is not very convenient, but a 1050 mAh.

The package is quite rich for such an inexpensive device. Of course, all these accessories cost a penny on AliExpress and other sites, but still they are worth something, and in the public goods usually save even the minimal accessories included. However, the manufacturer did not regret for a buyer following accessories:

  • Boxing
  • the
  • Attachment to be used without box
  • the
  • belt clip
  • the
  • bike Mount
  • the
  • Two adhesive pads
  • the
  • power Cord

Like I said, the camera is capable of shooting 4K video but only at 15 fps, which is crucially not enough for normal video. But in 2K, you can shoot with a frequency of 30 fps and in Full HD and 60 fps already. In General, there is even Slow Motion with a frequency of 120 fps at 720p.

Examples of shooting video you can watch in the video posted at the beginning of the article. The shooting angle is 170 degrees and does not change. This is good in that case, if you need to fit in the frame the maximum amount of information. If it is not necessary, such angle will only interfere.

If you watched the video, I saw that there are no miracles, only shooting. In 4K the quality is terrible because the frame rate is clearly not enough. Therefore, we have only considered shooting in Full HD. We will assume that 4K is added here only to make it and you could say that this is a 4K camera. In fact, as the GoPro Hero 3 at the time.

For the camera there is another app, but it somehow does not always work. Therefore, we can assume that it is not. But it's not so bad, because the camera enough built-in screen.

Anyway, the main advantage of this camera relative to its competitors will be its price. 2000 rubles or less than $ 40, — it's a great price for such a camera. If you do not want to spend more, but you need a camera, except that in the smartphone, then it's not such a bad option, to which is attached a large number of accessories. If you are willing to spend more, in a prepared video, you saw off the rest of the cameras. So you decide!

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