In Brazil discovered dozens of ancient structures like Stonehenge


2017-02-08 20:00:04




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According to the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, recently in Brazil, in the area of tropical forests of the Amazon lowlands, a group composed of Brazilian, British and canadian researchers-archaeologists, was discovered several dozen earthen structures resembling Stonehenge in Britain.

The age of the objects is estimated at approximately 1.4-2.3 million years. Most of them are geoglyphs, that is, drawn in the earth of geometric shapes length of about 300 meters. But there are objects carved from stone.

Found objects with the aid of drones, who studied the area after extensive deforestation. Archaeologists claim that the presence of such structures suggests that the ancient inhabitants of South America burned or cut down the forests and then in their place formed an earthen geometric pattern and somehow had to carve sculptures from stone.

the Geoglyphs, filmed using a drone

Currently, the researchers agree that the Brazilian geoglyphs occurred periodically and most likely ritual function. It is worth noting that the age of Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, is estimated at 3-4 thousand years. Thus, the Brazilian construction is almost 2 times younger, and their presence may indicate a larger cultural migration than previously thought. The final purpose of Stonehenge still remains a mystery. As its origin, as even today it is difficult to imagine how to create such a massive plate, without the presence of powerful machinery.


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