Russian air defense system was supplemented by artificial intelligence


2018-05-02 13:00:06




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An increasing number of service uses artificial intelligence. But when the AI used by the military — this is something new. And may not even be a joke to scare and make you remember the unforgettable film James Cameron «Terminator». But to control nuclear missiles, it has not yet reached, but to improve the work of air defense systems artificial intelligence is quite capable. This is what made the Russian military.

As the publication of «news», the Russian air and space forces (VKS) were first tested the automated control system of air defense based on artificial intelligence. The AI will more quickly respond to the situation and to improve the quality of work of air defense systems. Thanks to the fast work of the AI air defenses can react to the changing environment in real time, bypassing the stage of analysis at the command posts, which takes a lot of time. This is very important when increasing the speed of the aircraft and the high density of air attacks.

Moreover, AI will be able to unite and coordinate the work of the air defense systems of different types, combining them depending on the situation, using the strengths and masking weaknesses. For example, according to the Ministry of defence, combining different types of defense systems, it will be possible to create multiple lines of defense.

«the Use of s-400 "Triumph" working effectively at high altitudes, as well as anti-aircraft complex "Shell-S", which reveals in close combat, will effectively reflect a massive attack cruise and ballistic missiles, small drones and missiles reactive systems of volley fire, and destroy the aircraft».


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