Lockheed Martin will begin delivery of laser weapons for the US Army


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Lockheed Martin will begin delivery of laser weapons for the US Army

While the ordinary people complain that we have so far dzhetpakov and flying machines, military structures, too, often have to stand "in a queue" and humbly wait for their hands will get the latest development. As, for example, laser weapons, which the U.S. Lockheed Martin promises to start supplying the US armed forces in the next few months.

Arms Manufacturer announces successful test of new laser systems with a capacity of 58 kilowatts. For comparison: the Boeing company in 2014 conducted demonstration firing of its mobile laser system HEL MD with a capacity of 10 kilowatts, which was successfully hit by a flying mortar shells. The company Lockheed, in turn, says that to "release" her system will be able to show exactly 60 kilowatts of power.

Operate such systems through the use of combined fiber laser consisting of many more thin laser beams, focused into a single laser beam. The installation itself is quite heavy and dimensional, but it can be installed on any armored army truck.

More recently, in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. Navy conducted tests of a similar laser system (less than half as powerful) mounted on one of their ships. The laser system requires a large battery and is not suitable for use in the land mobile purposes. New development Lockheed, in turn, was more compact, lightweight, but at the same time more powerful compared to everything else that has ever been used by the U.S. army.

Of Course, before the advent of really compact and customized blasters far, however, such weapons are originally not meant for use against people, despite the fact that many sci-Fi films can tell us otherwise. The objective of such laser systems will be primarily the protection of borders and territories from compact aircraft, drones and missiles. The offensive capabilities of such systems in the future are also available, but this use now seems very impractical.

As the technologies become cheaper and more accessible, many radical groups such as the banned terrorist organization ISIS, is able to get their hands on compact flying drones and remotely controlled weapons. According to many experts, the laser weapons in this case would be extremely effective to combat such threats and can seriously reduce the financial burden.

Most recently, us General David Perkins, commander of TRADOC (command in training personnel and conducting research), spoke about how one of the allies of the United States used a missile surface-to-air worth 3 million dollars just to shoot down a drone that cost $ 200. Under what circumstances and why was it necessary to shoot down a drone missile, he said.

"the drone can be bought on Amazon for $ 200. Of course, he had no chance against the "patriot". It worked, they made sure of it and now I love our SAM. But I'm not sure that it is beneficial from the point of view of the economy," stated Perkins.

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