Google helps the Pentagon in creating the AI for military drones


2018-03-07 12:00:05




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When it comes to military technology, often mention the names of companies like . But quite often to help the military come and Corporation related to the defense industry rather mediocre relation. For example, it became known that Google has partnered with the U.S. Department of defense in terms of creating artificial intelligence algorithms that enable unmanned aerial vehicles to detect objects in the lenses of their cameras.

At the moment not entirely clear what technology will be used to improve existing software and military drones. It is also unknown how much is involved in this whole process Google. But exactly one knows: all this is part of the Maven project that the Pentagon launched in April last year. We remind you that the project Maven the us military is planning to recruit a team of really great professionals from different companies that can bring technologies of object recognition in artificial intelligence to a new level.

Pentagon officials are confident that the development of this technology will be able to exclude a situation when, for example, the operator of a military drone confuses gathered in one place terrorists with conventional Afghan wedding. As a result of such fatal errors killed any innocent people. But advanced artificial intelligence through innovative recognition algorithms of objects to minimize such risks during the conduct of hostilities.

Of Course, the manual and Google didn't plan to "Shine" its cooperation with the us military. This can tarnish the reputation of a famous Corporation. But the situation developed in such a way that the Network leaked internal correspondence of employees, in which they discussed the project. While Google employees have divided into two camps. Some have treated the project with enthusiasm, since it can help their country more effectively combat the threat of terrorism. Others felt that the use of artificial intelligence in the conduct of hostilities is highly unethical.


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