Russian experts will create a search engine and targeting for drones


2017-01-29 16:30:04




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Russian experts will create a search engine and targeting for drones

The engineers of the State Ryazan instrument factory began the development and creation of laser systems search targets and guided weapons for unmanned aerial vehicles and stationary ground-based robotic systems — this is the official website of the state Corporation rostec, citing the press service of the plant.

The development of the equipment for unmanned and robotic systems for the group is a promising direction of development and subsequent production. Similar technological solutions for UAVS is a new, interesting challenge. Proven solutions, recent modernization and use of new components and production technologies, will allow Russia to successfully participate in the technological race, – said the Advisor to the first Deputy CEO of KRET Vladimir Mikheev.

Experience in this area from the experts there, but to use the existing equipment on a small and low-power UAVs is problematic, so the full cycle of development and production of the new system will take quite a long time. The specific timing of the project was not disclosed.

The Concern radio-Electronic technologies, which includes the Ryazan instrument factory, has manufactured and developed various electro-optical, laser and radar guidance systems, devices technical vision and helmet-mounted monitoring system for Russian military pilots.

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