A review of the game Drawn to Death: an entertainment for bullies


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A review of the game Drawn to Death: an entertainment for bullies

I Think that many of us, when I was in school, from time to time engaged in lessons than anything but not studying. Someone spoke with a neighbor's party, some thought the Raven outside the window, and someone was just doodling in my notebook, fanciful monsters or added mustache portraits of scientists in the textbook. The game is Drawn to Death, which was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, just takes us into the imagination of the student, where the battle converge, drawn by the characters, with very unusual weapons and his powers.

Create a game Drawn to Death, the developers from the Studio the Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, which is directed by the legendary American game designer David Jaffe. Is this man we owe the emergence of such game franchises like Twisted Metal and God of War. David admits that such a thing was dreamed of for a long time. Of course, inside it is still alive the bully boy that he was in school, and that he demanded the dream to reality. The game should reflect the inner world of a teenage high school student must be bright, creative, swift and brutal, and on top of all this, you should flavor excellent cynical humor. In the end, Drawn to Death turned out exactly what David Jaffe saw her initially.

The game Begins extremely unusual. Do you see the world through the eyes of a high school student, sitting in class and listening to boring teachers drone on. His eyes lowered, the player sees on the Desk in front of a painted book. It becomes a way of escaping from the boring reality, drawn with a ballpoint pen a world where all shall be exclusively governed by your rules. Actually, since the player gets to the main menu, Drawn to Death, from which you can recover from the fight or to pre-learn controls and basic game mechanics in a special "Education" section.

During the training, you will become acquainted with a local guide – a frog in a top hat and a monocle, which comments on what is happening on the screen and gives you valuable clues. At this stage I realized how much fun I can have, as the developers at every step teasing the player. At some point, the frog said to me: "To quickly reload – RELOAD speak a word into the microphone of his headset". I have a good minute trying to do this, training your English pronunciation, while the frog I was not interrupted: "do You really believe that this game supports voice control? Don't be stupid and just press the button "square" on your controller". An unexpected twist!

The humor of the developers, of course, very cruel and cynical. That is kind of black humor typical of many modern teenagers, so we can say that everything is in its place. Often the game allows itself to joke "below the belt", but this is a feature of national American humor and also against it will not trample. However, the overall picture is a powerful humorous color games I personally liked. Thanks to the incredible creativity of developers at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency Drawn to Death is really something to laugh and something to see. In one only "Training" I had the opportunity to chat with magical fairies, Busty, horse, kick ass nerd and to win over charming kitten-a cyborg, squinting at the pirate.

The game Characters conceived and drawn with great love. But it is somewhat surprising that in Drawn to Death to date, six in all. As I understand it, the developers will gradually introduce the game to new heroes. I will try to tell you a bit about each character in this game. Punk johnny savage never parted with his beloved guitar. He's capable of powerful riffs to blow up the heads of enemies, and when his health is approaching a critical point, johnny falls into a "Fury of punk" and the damage of his attacks increases dramatically. A demon named Diablo Tijuana masterfully uses its tail as a whip, and in critical situations, acquiring the ability to rapid move. A hybrid of cyborg and vampire Kibangula able to control a swarm of drones in the form of bats and soar into the air on their wings.

The Maniac Alan wears the mask of Mickey mouse and skillfully throws enemies with his chainsaw. In addition, Alan is still able to become invisible and sneak up to enemies. One-legged war veteran Bronco calls to his aid the souls of the fallen comrades. Also, it helps the drone with a mounted machine gun and a giant portable rocket launcher. Well, completes the magnificent six Japanese girl shark by the name of Ningo. A kind of word game from Ninja (ninja) and Jaw (jaw). It is capable of nailing the enemy of Poseidon anchored to one place, and then throw hand grenades and throws at opponents of hungry white sharks. In General, the ensemble of main characters gathered is extremely interesting and is not far off the announcement of brand new fighters. In addition, you can change the skin of your character that will radically transform its appearance.

An Interesting feature of the game is the presence of certain characters strengths and weaknesses. For example, Diablo is able to absorb the furious guitar riffs of punk johnny, but she is vulnerable to attack Alan. Alan, in turn, can not hide from the cameras of Kibangula, even being invisible to others. And such relationships exist between all six characters, so the game is balanced almost perfectly. Each character has a flaw, equalizing his chances of winning with the other characters, even despite having the coolest powers. The pros and cons of heroes can be seen on the character selection screen by pressing "triangle" on the controller.

Special mention deserves the Arsenal of weapons. In battle you can take only two guns and one type of grenades. Also before kickoff, you choose three additional types of weapons that will appear in different parts of the arena. The imagination of the student led to some very extravagant guns, each with a detailed description of the process of its creation. For example, a sniper rifle "Suzanne" was named after the hot girlfriend of the main character, a machine-gun, invented and drawn under the impression from the movies about the mafia, was named in honor of al Capone – Ca-PWN'D. There is just crazy weapons, for example, the coffin with the corpse of a recently deceased neighbor's uncle Joe, who need to catapult opponents with its subsequent explosion. Or old 16-bit game console JRPG, shooting at enemies characters of Japanese role-playing games. Very amused me powerful Russian rifle, to which is screwed a bottle of vodka.

In terms of game modes, Drawn to Death is not particularly original and is unlikely to surprise fans . Initially you will have three main sections, one of which blocked until then, until you have earned 5 trial matches. Thus, in the locked section "Ranked battle" you get 100% of the experience and different bonuses, and your military achievements are saved on the game servers, but the conditions here are more hardcore than the second section of the game — "Not ranked battle." In it the player gets only 50% experience and deprived of bonuses. The third section is the "Friendly battle." You can create your own lobby to customize it to fit your preferences, then invite to the game his friends and to come off in full.

To Tell you about what is Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, I see no reason, however, it is worth mentioning that the maximum number of players in a multiplayer match equals four. Yes, only two people per team. The developers have gone to this step consciously, as I didn't want to in the arena began to wreak havoc. And really, the fights become much more thoughtful and exciting, there's room for tactics and developing your own strategies of warfare. Deathmatch the game has two types. First – Simple Deathmatch, when you are fighting against all the other players and for each kill you get 1 point. The first who manage to score 10 points wins. The second type is called the Core Deathmatch, and arranged it a little differently. For killing the enemy you get 1 point, but if to kill you, you point and lose. The winner is the one who first scores 5 points.

If the ball two players, this mode is called Brawl. Here you need to survive 7 rounds for a win in each you will get one point. Victory is awarded to the fact that the first 4 points. Mode Organ Donor (Organ Duel if you play two) from slain enemies will drop hearts that need to be transported in the special zone. It turns out that all the game offers three main game modes in different variations. On the other hand, these modes are able to deliver a lot of joy to the players. I checked it personally on myself. By the way, to increase the degree of fun the developers added to the game as many as 108 different animated ridicule, which can be activated by touching the touch panel controller DualShock 4. Over the head of your character will appear an animation with jokes about "your mom", nubstvo rivals and other caustic attacks on the defeated enemies. I spent a good 15 minutes just to read all these pictures in the special menu. There's some of them downright masterpiece of a work.

During a game in ranked battle, you will have the chance to get bonus boxes with loot. Inside can be new skins for characters, new taunts, and other utility. If you want to force the issue – these boxes can be purchased for real money through microtransactions (that's really what I do not like). Even in battle you earn experience that increases the level of your character, but what do these levels, I did not understand. Perhaps they will affect something in the future. Even for a battle you get the bloody keys. Collecting 10 of these...


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