Review games Burnout Paradise Remastered


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Review games Burnout Paradise Remastered

In recent years, to release a remastered version of old hits became stylish, fashionable and youth. And for the publisher this approach is useful: money for development takes not as much as when you create a project from scratch, brings a solid revenue. However, any remaster when migrating to modern platforms remains gameplay of the original. After all, if graphics, music and stuff you can pull up to modern standards, the gameplay always remains the same as a certain number of years ago. And here comes the fun part: can the gameplay (something for which, in fact, many people play games) the test of time? So today find out what is was Burnout Paradise 10 years ago: simple AutoArchive at 1 time or a full-fledged project to come back to which is no problem for many years.

Game: Burnout Paradise Remastered
the Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
the Genre: races
the release date: March 16, 2018
the Developer: Criterion Games
the Publisher: Electronic Arts

Actually, I don't usually do, but this time I want to setpolarity you the ending of the review: Burnout Paradise – this is the absolute hit, time-tested, play which is interesting and fun even in 2008, at least in 2018 (and I'm sure will be interesting even in 2028-m). If you do this enough – you can now get the game and start the fun. But if you want to know "what, exactly, makes Burnout Paradise a hit?", then keep reading – now we all lay on the shelves.

For starters, it is important to understand where the legs grow from the original game. Was born the Burnout series of games in 2001 during the PlayStation 2 and the first Xbox. Since then and up to 2008 (to which we shall return), it remained the only console entertainment. But the important thing here is this: the Burnout series has always been not entirely about race: the bias in it was made on a colorful crash involving dozens of cars, burning kilotons of nitrous oxide to speed up, knocking opponents off the road and in General extremely aggressive driving style. The closest benchmark for PC players before the release of Paradise was game of the series FlatOut with the only difference that the latter was more about racing on rough terrain, and entertainment in the spirit of "launch the driver through the windshield" was only a Supplement to the main dish.

The Burnout Series with each successive part was added more avtobezumiya (actually, lewdness with a driver, it never came), introduced a variety of game modes and in General had become "faster, higher, stronger." In 2008, Criterion Games have collected all the best ideas in recent years, flavored it with a pack of new features and released players into the open world of Paradise City. To talk about the game within the time did not want, so then I will no longer torment you with dates and historical facts, and move on to the essence, because everything said below (except for a couple things), just like for the remastered version, and for games of 10 years ago.

I would like to Start with non-traditional music. After all, a gorgeous soundtrack meets us the game. When you run out of the speakers starts to sound a wonderful composition Paradise City performed by Guns N’ Roses, which immediately sets the right mood. The rest of the tracks are in no way inferior, and scatter rock artists here varies from canadian pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne to the metallers Killswitch Engage, with a pinch of Depeche Mode and even Junkie XL. But only rock, the authors decided to go beyond and added, believe it or not, classical music. Who would have thought, but to arrange Destro on the roads by Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky no less cool than any Twisted Sister. As for me, it's just a brilliant decision, because in film this mismatch visuals and audio (when the crash around accompanied by quiet classical music) is used consistently. However, in the gaming industry Criterion Games came up with that one of the first along with the creators of Test Drive Unlimited. But if you and classical music will be enough, the game has more OST from previous games in the series. All this, my personal feelings, makes music one of the best soundtracks in the industry. Songs very organically relate to what is happening on the screen. Something on the level of the unforgettable tunes from NFS: Underground, or even above.

Since I started talking about music, we would like to clarify with regards to the entire audio as a whole. The sound of the motor cars, of course, not up to the behemoths of the genre like Gran Turismo, but then this is not required. The machine is each class has its own sound and it is very good. On the track you will always know what is coming your Challenger: the muscle car, jeep, sports car or normal sedan. For avtoarkady that is enough. Well, a few words about the translation as a whole: the text here a little, and the one that is transferred without any complaints. DJ local radio, acting under the pseudonym Atomica, just beautiful! The voice matched almost perfectly, and the translation is done at a very decent level. By the way, Atomica never non – work-related things- all the replicas there is always one or the other tip concerning the game world or gameplay.

To match the music and graphics. Yeah, she's not enough stars in the sky, but the virtual city looks great. All the buildings, roads and even passing cars cool detailed, and rush on the serpentine at sunset — and so do fun. Yes, the game has a changing time of day and even the change of cloud cover (which was, please note, in the original game), but somewhat frustrating lack of any other weather conditions. But in the rain or in strong winds Paradise City could look even better! But even in this form, all very neat and tidy, without unnecessary frills, but with a frequency of 60 frames per second and with a lovely smooth, unlike games of 2008. Overall, the picture is beautiful, does not cause negative emotions and looks quite up to date.

But Burnout was never a game about graphics. Here to the fore, as has been said, out of the accident and Criterion Games have done something unimaginable, that he could not repeat no one before or after them (besides the already mentioned FlatOut). At the time of collision of the car body will bend, crumple, from flying sparks, fly wheels, metal shrinking — all in gorgeous Slow-mo. Every accident here is not like the previous one, and the damage system is one of the best in the gaming industry to this day. Unfortunately, this applies only to your car and car rivals. In the moments when you choose to create on the road real autocollapse (see more below) in a special mode, it does not apply in this case, the car appears to be unharmed. Yes, the original release, this restriction was dictated by the insufficient capacity of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but a similar re-release could fix.

As for game modes, here we have: race from point a to point b, hunting, stalking, tricks and special races at the time. It would seem that Arsenal is not rich, but thanks to the unpredictability of opponents each round similar to the previous one, and play each of the modes is not boring for very long. The classic – race from one point to another in the course of which you are free to choose your route. He is perhaps the only self-explanatory. Here you are, that highway, that rivals. Gas, nitro to full and go to the finish line. Hunting and stalking is much more interesting. While hunting you need to destroy by any means a certain number of opponents, and during the prosecution already you act as a victim, and you need to escape from enemies, driving a very powerful car. They are always a lot, and hiding from them is not so easy. As for the stunts, for me this is the mixed mode. You over time you need to "atrocity" on a certain number of points. On the one hand, the city is scattered many places where this can be done – such as cliffs, ramps, superprice, where you can make a barrel, billboards, shotkaty, fences, abandoned railroad tracks, and airports and so on. But the hitch here is this: if you know where these places are located, then dial the desired number of points for you no problem. If not, you can drive aimlessly in the hope of "trucant" anything. It all depends on the knowledge of the city, not on your skill, which, I think, not very correct from the point of view of game design.

This list your classes in Paradise City ends. Because the town is a very important element of gameplay. He's just perfectly designed, and not only that, it is interesting to explore, and in the process of studying, you can find a lot of activities. Those mentioned billboards are often located, so that finding a way to get to them is a good quest. In addition, any road in the game is a challenge both your driving skills and destruction skills. At any time in the open world you can just hold down 2 buttons and make the real lawlessness: the machine takes to the air, traffic on the road increases 20 times, and in the middle of it you. You need to arrange as much as possible of the accident until ran out of fuel. In my opinion, is one of the best modes. In addition, it is possible to set speed records, and on the streets and then leave a new car that you want to catch up and destroy in order to add them to the collection.

The machines Themselves are divided into 3 types in accordance with race, racer, stunt man or an aggressor. They differ not only behavior on the road (faster racer, stunt man – maneuverable aggressor is stronger), but there was no way to set nitro, and t...

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