Review game CHUCHEL: cherry madness in Czech


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Review game CHUCHEL: cherry madness in Czech

There are video games that stand out of the masses and as if standing apart, aloof from all sorts of trends and fashion trends. For them like there are no rules, frames, marketing gimmicks, with which the major publishers get a huge profit. Some of them without a twinge of conscience to call these works of art. Take games independent Czech Studio Amanita Design ("amanita" — mushroom, eng.), gave us awesome quests Machinarium, Botanicula and the trilogy . Today I will tell you about the new game Studio called CHUCHEL.

the Platform: Windows, Mac OS
the Genre: Adventure
the release date: March 7, 2018
the Developer: Amanita Design
the Publisher: Amanita Design

Founded in 2003 by Czech designer Jakub Dvorsky Amanita Design Studio became a haven for talented artists and animators. And even if the walls of the Studio today working not more than a dozen people, and new games come out not so often, each of these works will forever remain in the hearts of millions of players around the world. It all started with the Flash game Samorost and its sequel, released two years later. History tiny space traveler has received a warm reception from critics and players. But Jakub Dvorsky always wanted to make a full game, which eventually became Machinarium (2009).

Machinarium has received wide acclaim and won many prestigious awards on a number of game shows. The game told the adventures of a little robot Josef, who overcomes many obstacles on his journey to rescue his beloved from the clutches of evil. Unusual design, great character animation, a careful study of the smallest detail, puzzles and great music made the game a true national hit. Behind Machinarium, the Studio released another game Botanicula (2012).

Botanicula was owned by one of the artists of Studio Amanita Design – Jaromir chopping Block. In it, players tells the story of five unusual creatures living on the tree and trying to save the parasites from the last remaining seed. Work on the game was conducted over two and a half years. Immediately after Botanicula is on sale, Jaromir Scaffold began to consider its next game, which I will today and would like to share. СHUCHEL – the fourth major game Studio Amanita Design (Flash works do not take into account) and, perhaps, the funniest and the craziest of all.

The Main hero of the game is a tiny hairy creature named Stuffed animals (consonant to Russian word "Scarecrow", which is hardly surprising), reminiscent of black acorn with a bright orange cap. The whole plot is built around the pursuit of cherries, are a favorite delicacy of Stuffed. But cherry loves not only him, but also his eternal rival Kekel. Crusade for cherry something like the misadventures of the famous squirrel from "Ice age", which is like freaking full of his nut. Not only that, bad luck always prevent the two heroes to eat delicious berries, on their way yet always there is a kind of giant godlike creature whose giant hand and intervenes in the unfolding on screen events.

The Game is a set of levels, each of which is a kind of puzzle. Deciding their task, the heroes gain access to the next level and so on. Almost every puzzle begins with the fact that the cherry falls somewhere to get it is not so easy. So our heroes have no choice but to cooperate to reach the desired fruit. Sometimes Kekel gets to the first cherry and begins to run away/to depart/to go away from Stuffed animals, using any means available. But slowly the sworn enemies of the characters become lifelong friends. Even in such a superficial at first glance, a video game is a place of personal growth and some kind of morality.

The Puzzles are extremely unobtrusive, but exciting and hilarious. For example, it is necessary to beat the cherries have animated plug-in jaws, moreover, that the angry dog, and keep the defense inside a glass Cup. In another moment you will have to eat changing your form fruit, to trick the bear-lover and take his cherry. You happen to participate in snail races using not quite honest methods, fights robots, and even to make some sort of legendary video game Tetris, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. CHUCHEL world inhabited by wonderful characters, its absurdity reminiscent of the work of famous Russian animator Ivan Maximov (that he once drew an elephant for a logo Dendy). Each of you will meet characters are unique and charming in its own way. There is some special magic. To create the most unusual and at the same time, memorable characters – not an easy task.

If you are unable to complete a particular puzzle, the game tactfully throws you clues. On the screen there is a sign with a question mark, clicking on which you'll see step by step instructions in pictures. So you will be able to pass the current level and get to the next screen. In almost all previous games, Amanita Design has always been present such a system. In Machinarium, for example, if you remember, was a book with tips. The truth here is to open it could only be passed simple mini-game. At this step the developers have gone to the players had no desire to look into the tips every 30 seconds.

CHUCHEL is the game filled with beautiful Czech humor. Yes, it has some elements of absurdity, and even madness, but for the most part the humor this good and make you smile even the most callous player. It is impossible to remain indifferent, watching the misadventures of the Scarecrow and Kekela who consistently find themselves in a completely ridiculous situation, and then climb out of the skin to get dry from water. We were playing together with my wife, who is also a big fan of the creative Studio Amanita Design. Powerful positive charge received from this process both, so for the rest of the day we just walked and smiled at each other, impressed by their adventures.

During the game, constantly get the feeling that the employees Amanita Design are Smoking something very strong, but it is in their games and attract the most. Because this kind of madness in the modern gaming industry was built "on a serious soup", very much lacking. Around Paphos, shooting, invincible superheroes, and Amanita Design good game about adorable robots, talking mushrooms and the angry cachelock. When you play them it is almost impossible to predict what will happen in the next few minutes. The game repeatedly throws out such feints ears, that simply amazed. Yes, and how can you not love these works? Just look at the screenshots!

Visually, the game looks great. Hand-drawn, like the other pieces of the Studio, she breathes life and perfectly captures the unrestrained imagination of developers through the extraordinary images and high-quality animation. But more than the visual component, affect sound and great music from Czech band DVA (OST can be purchased separately on Steam). All the characters speak a fictional language developers, and CHUCHEL sound palette is so varied that you constantly hear in the cartoon world something new, something simply did not notice. Music and sound design create a unique atmosphere of joy and a real adventure that only adds personality.




    The bizarre world inhabited by unusual creatures. the

  • Charming characters with a distinct personality.
  • The Atmosphere of merriment and joy, tons of jokes and humor! the

  • Outstanding design and perfect animation.
  • the
  • Puzzles that really interesting to solve.
  • A hint System in case you ever get stuck. the

  • Gorgeous music and voice.


  • a little madness happening on the screen can someone to embarrass.
  • the
  • the Game takes place just a couple of hours.

CHUCHEL in any case, not trying to seem serious AAA project with multi-million dollar budget, but this game is able to create a wonderful mood in the players. And it will agree, well worth it. Adventures of the little Stuffed animals in a strange world where anything can happen anything will be great fun for adults and children. Even considering the fact that the game is easily traversed in two to three hours, she is worth every money spent on the ruble (it can be purchased for a ridiculous 299 rubles!). Obtained from passing CHUCHEL positive you will be enough to smile for several days. But many of us lack joy in life. Here's an effective and inexpensive recipe for a good mood from the Czech Republic. The game gets me to 9 out of 10....

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