CryptoKitties: Is Ethereum? Buy the cat!


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CryptoKitties: Is Ethereum? Buy the cat!

Why? Live and why do we need all these cryptocurrencies? This question is asked by all who are not yet in the theme. Like why?! ! Cryptanalytic just obsessed with a new game about cats, released a few days ago. It looks like, and severe miners had their stationary counterpart Pokemon Go.

Yes, fixed. You can only play on the PC, but the meaning, as in the story of pocket monsters, remains the same — collect them all! There is an Ethereum wallet Metamask? No — urgent start, after all, «Seals» themselves will not work! You need to start playing? First go to the website of the game and then start Metamask and enter your email and name. Then you can start to load up first cats.

Cats are different — not very rare and, therefore, their prices vary. For example, côte Dracula. It is served at a ridiculous price at 34.5 ETH. Yes, 16 thousand dollars. There are cheaper cats, that's why you can buy a couple for a small amount which in terms of the Ether is 10-15 dollars.

What is the difference?

In attribute! Some of Kiseki are common, and some, on the contrary, extremely rare — and this depends on the final price tag for the next pet. Totesbasic found in 45% of animals, and there is a rare — Manconi — their population in the game is just 0.2% of all the cats. Hence the exorbitant price tag on the latter. Even seals know how to multiply and how quickly they «rest» between this fascinating occupation, too, affects the final cost.

A lot of Cats, they are all different, so deal with the move, and keep all prices and options in my head — not so easy task. In the universe of Pokemon trainers, to avoid confusion, use a special gadget called a Pokedex — it contains information about all living in the world pokemon. So here — you can always visit the website and learn about a cat details. The site is all laid out on shelves, so will be able to understand even a novice. Anyway, the cats will run out through the year, so everyone will have enough time to learn the nuances.

The Game has seriously stirred up the ETH network, now almost 13 percent of the capacity of all miners of the Ether leaves on most of these seals.

All cats have long been in our .


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