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Game overview Hidden Agenda

Technology PlayLink, is presented this year by Sony, allows you to play video games from six users, using as controllers for your smartphones or tablets connected to the PlayStation 4. We already told you about such social games for parties, like . Today we will talk about dark crime Thriller called Hidden Agenda ("Hidden agenda" — in the Russian version).

Game: Hidden Agenda ("Hidden agenda")
the Platform: PlayStation 4
the Genre: Action-Adventure
the release date: November 22, 2017
the Developer: Supermassive Games
the Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

For the development of the game responds Studio Supermassive Games, familiar to fans of the PlayStation 4 thanks to the wonderful game Until Dawn. When the British released a small DLC for games like LittleBigPlanet, and today create impressive game that uses advanced Sony technologies. Previously on sale Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood to the headset virtual reality PlayStation VR. In development at the Studio are still two games to virtual reality: The Inpatient and Bravo Team. But, despite its high workload, the developers have found the strength to release the game Hidden Agenda that supports the social technology PlayLink.

We All once dreamed about interactive cinema, when the audience could influence the decisions of the main characters in the film. Can you imagine the horror in which the main character decides to check the source of the noise in a dark room, and we know that somewhere out there are waiting for her blood thirsty maniac. We would like to shout: don't go there, you'll cut you into little pieces! And thanks to the technology PlayLink now we now have the opportunity. Hidden Agenda is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of the films of David Fincher, the famous game Heavy Rain, and sometimes the movie franchise "Saw". It's all pretty well mixed together and presented to the players. However, the management of what is happening on screen is completely different than what you're used to.

The game can participate simultaneously from one up to six players (but alone you will not be able to enjoy all the charms of Hidden Agenda). To begin with, all participants will have to download from the App Store or Google Play the official app (look for it on the name of the game "Hidden agenda"). Without it play will not work. After that, the PlayStation 4 needs to run the game and activate the access point (the console will give you the name and password). If the console and smart phones connected to the same Wi-Fi router – no other settings are to have. It will work automatically. You can now proceed to the passage.

In the center of the story is a story about a maniac nicknamed "Stalker" who kidnaps people, immobilizes them, and then undermines their body to the arriving to call the police in the demining process was killed by the explosion. He's killing seemingly innocent people. But this story is not so clear and simple. Maniac eventually arrested, with the help of the main character – a brave police named Becky Marnie (played by actress Katie Cassidy from the TV series "Arrow"). After five years of litigation, the murderer is sentenced to death, but at the last moment Becky begins to suspect that the real killer is still on the loose, and now her fault maybe something horrible will happen. It does everything that it can to find the truth and to understand: the correct decision was made five years ago.

The Game really is a kind of interactive cinema, where we see the characters from a third person on the TV screen. They communicate with each other, solve the crime, make different decisions, which can influence the players. This requires on the smartphone screen to move your cursor (each player has a unique cursor color) in special square beside text explanation. For example, not to allow the main character to go into a dark room with a maniac, which I told you above, you just need to drag the finger cursor to "Not go there". And it will remain safe. However, here everything is decided by the majority of votes, and if the other players decide that it would be nice to check out what was hidden in darkness, there is nothing you can do about it.

But not all that bad. Each player has a so-called "points of interception". Every important decision, you can use one such point that your opinion was decisive. And no matter what think other players. Most importantly — to make it faster click the corresponding button on the smartphone screen. Intercept points are earned during search for clues in some scenes of the game. Players on speed are investigating the crime scene, trying to find the culprit left clues. For every clue they get those "interceptions decisions." The more you catch, the more you can single-handedly affect the future development of the plot. We should not forget that this game has many different endings. It's quite possible that your story will end up very sad, or, on the contrary, justice will prevail and evil will eventually be punished.

Another interesting decision point is the system "Trustworthy." Periodically, the game will ask participants: which of the players from their point of view is the most bold/most attentive/best responsive and so on. Depending on who voted for the majority of participants, it will be entrusted with decision-making in one of the key moments of the game. Again, this social aspect of gaming process allows to know the attitude of your friends or acquaintances to you and to each other. Very nice, you know, to know that friends consider you the best in anything.

There is a place in the game and the action, when the players have to show off the speed of the reaction. This is evident in scenes when the character anything threatening, and you have to move your cursor to a special mark on the TV screen. Sort of a QTE in a few unusual performance. For example, have to react quickly to avoid a collision with flying object or to Dodge the attack of the enemy. There are in the game is very tense moments when the allotted time you need to make extremely difficult choices. For example, to spare or to shoot the suspect without being firmly assured that he is indeed guilty. It's all very complicated from a moral point of view. Don't get me wrong: Yes, it's just a game, but the characters on the screen do you still sincerely empathize.

So players are not confused in the scenario, the developers have created a mobile app is an interactive guide to all the characters you will encounter as you progress (not yet met the characters are hidden from your eyes, to avoid spoilers). Any change in the narrative in the same diary you can read about how the story developed. In case if you suddenly decide to stop here today and continue playing tomorrow. Just like the TV series "Previously on...". In fact, Hidden Agenda takes place in just one evening. Depending on how you play, the passage will take you two to three hours. Given the budget price of the game for 1299 rubles, is a very good offer. Trust me.

In Addition to the main story mode, Hidden Agenda there is also a "battle mode" in which you will have to confront to other participants. In this mode, some players will be given certain tasks – a "Hidden agenda". For example, at a certain point in the game to convince other players to make a decision. The other players should not know that you are "mishandled Cossack", so here you will find the useful skills of a poker player. For such assignments you will receive a certain number of points. Do not forget that if you expose a player who's trying to influence your opinion, you also get a nice bonus. Closer to the climax, all the participants will receive one main task, the prize for which can decide the outcome of the match. The winner will be the player who most strongly influenced the development of the plot. Very interesting way to spend an exciting evening with friends, I tell you.

Visually, the game looks very good, especially considering that it was created on the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4. The faces of the characters, the design of the locations – it all looks fine. However, facial animation, and indeed animation in General looks mediocre. Those characters often resemble the wooden Pinocchio, especially if you compare them with the recently reissued the game , in which the facial expressions of the characters was the focus, despite the fact that the original game came out in 2011. Irritates nasty ragged Assembly, when some scenes are cut off in mid-sentence or change each other earlier than it was supposed to happen according to your inner feelings. From a technical point of view, the game is often frustrating. However, another frustration is the fact that if the story will turn in the wrong direction – to beat it can be only the beginning. The system is "fucked up and beat with a save" does not work here.

As for the voice, then select the language track in the settings I found (it may well be that you just did not notice these options, though, and was looking for it), so they had to play with the Russian dubbing. And he turned out to be extremely disgusting. The actors overacted, said with the wrong tone, that completely demolished tense moments. In General, the domestic dubbing in foreign video games still leaves much to be desired. The music in the game is unobtrusive and neatly woven into the narrative. I can't say that he would like to relive it every day in his...


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